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Gambling for resurrection in Iceland Iceland banks, Kaupthing, share trading, Text, VoxEu, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2014-01-06 (All day)
Iceland ... A glorious past – and an uncertain future iceland, Sigrun's Icelog, Text, Governments, Iceland, Web 2014-01-02 (All day)
Now what about Luxembourg and financial supervision? Kaupthing, Luxembourg, Sigrun's Icelog, Text, Financial institutions, Other, Web 2013-12-18 (All day)
Hamstrung SFO not capable of holding bankers to account https://theconversation.c... Financial crime, iceland, SFO, Text, The Conversation, Uk, UK, Other, Web 2013-12-16 (All day)
Victoria Chick: ‘The financial system has gone completely off the rails’ financial system,, Text, UK, Financial institutions, Web 2013-12-10 (All day)
The Capo di Tutti Capi returns! http://rowans-blog.blogsp... bankers, Bob Diamond, City of London, Rowan's blog, Text, UK, Financial institutions, Web 2013-12-16 (All day)
Financial offenders must be named if bank reforms are going to work Financial crime,, iceland, prosections, Text, Uk, UK, Financial institutions, Press 2013-12-15 (All day)
Iceland jails former Kaupthing bank bosses BBC, Kaupthing, prosecutions, Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2013-12-12 (All day)
Kaupthing bankers & shareholder convicted in Al Thani case Al-Thani case, Kaupthing, Text,, Iceland, Other, Web 2013-12-12 (All day)
Kaupthing WuC Opinion on the Bill proposing amendments to the Bank Tax Act iceland, Kaupthing hf WuC, proposed bank tax, Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2013-11-22 (All day)