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Title Link Categories Dated
Iceland convicts bad bankers and says other nations can act convictions, Iceland Supreme Court, Kaupthing, Reuters, Text, Iceland, Other, Web 2015-02-13 (All day)
Supreme Court rules in al Thani case: imprisonment confirmed Al Thani case, iceland, Kaupthing, prosecution,, Isle of Man, Other, Web 2015-02-12 (All day)
Iceland pre-and post-collapse: Small or big steps? capital controls, Sigrún Davíðsdóttir's Icelog, Text, Governments, Iceland, Web 2014-12-05 (All day)
Property developer Vincent Tchenguiz sues for £2bn in wake of SFO inquiry Guardian online, Tchenguiz, Text, Iceland, Other, Web 2014-11-28 (All day)
Creditors in Iceland’s Failed Banks Prepare to Fight Exit Tax Text, Washington Post/Bloomberg, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2014-11-21 (All day)
Hedge Funds Face Exit Tax as Iceland Central Bank Mulls Plan Text, Washington Post/Bloomberg, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2014-11-20 (All day)
Three ex-Landsbanki bankers sentenced in market manipulation case Sigrún Davíðsdóttir's Icelog, Text, Iceland, Other, Web 2014-11-19 (All day)
Twelfth KSFUK dividend - first announcement dividend, KSFUK Administration, The Gazette, UK, Financial institutions, Web 2014-09-28 23
Entrepreneur Robert Tchenguiz forced to sell assets to pay Kaupthing creditors Kaupthing liquidation, Tchenguiz, Text, The Independent online, Press, Other, International 2014-09-11 23
Louis Group: ‘A taint of illegality’ IOM Today, Louis Group, Text, Financial institutions, Isle of Man, Web 2014-08-13 23