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Title Link Categories Dated
Jailed Former Bank Exec “Bankrupt”, Text, Iceland, Other, Web 2015-09-24 23
Proposal to improve protection for vulnerable depositors in the event of a local bank insolvency Depositor compensation, Isle of Man,, Text, Isle of Man, Governments, Press 2015-09-13 23
Kaupthing files an exemption request from capital controls capital controls, iceland, Kaupthing, Kaupthing hf WuC, Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2015-09-08 23
Savers hit as Bank cuts protection on deposits to £75,000 for first time since financial crisis Daily Telegraph, Depositor compensation scheme, Text, UK, Financial institutions, Press 2015-07-02 23
English Commercial Court gives judgement on jurisdictional issues in Tchenguiz case Kaupthing hf WuC, Tchenguiz, Text, UK, Other, Web 2015-06-30 23
More Kaupthing Executives jailed http://icelandmonitor.mbl... court judgements, iceland, Iceland Monitor, Iceland Review, Kaupthing, Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2015-06-25 23
Kaupthing hf: Response to the Announcement from the Government Regarding Capital Control Liberalization Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2015-06-07 23
Iceland moves on capital controls, to tax money outflows capital controls, iceland, Reuters, Text, Governments, Iceland, Web 2015-06-07 23
A 40% exit tax to be imposed on foreign investors Exit tax, iceland,, Text, Governments, Iceland, Web 2015-06-04 23
Failed Icelandic Bank Debt Said to Gain as Controls May Ease, capital controls, iceland, Text, Governments, Iceland, Web 2015-05-28 23