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Leading economies take on tax havens Depositors, France24, Other, Web, International 2008-10-21 (All day)
Iceland's Kaupthing misses coupon payment on Samurai Kaupthing hf, Reuters, Financial institutions, Iceland, Other, Web 2008-10-21 (All day)
Island savers form action groups -Savers with the offshore arms off failed Icelandic banks form action groups to try to get their money back BBC, Depositors, Kaupthing Isle of Man Depositors Action Group, Landsbanki Guernsey Depositors Action Group, UK, Web 2008-10-20 (All day)
Savers they forgot to mention Depositors, Guardian, UK, Press, Other 2008-10-18 (All day)
Channel 4 news from the Sefton Bunker Channel 4 web site, Depositors, Isle of Man 2008-10-21 (All day)
Channel Island and IOM depositors press for guarantees Depositors, Times online, UK, Press, Other 2008-10-21 (All day)
Governments petitioned on savings, petitioning three governments in a bid to rescue their savings. Depositors,, petition, UK, Other, Web 2008-10-20 (All day)
Kaupthing could bring legal action against UK 'within weeks' - By Alex Spence http://business.timesonli... a partner at Grundberg Mocatta Rakison, Depositors, legal action, Times online, UK, Press, Other 2008-10-20 (All day)
Guernsey and IOM savers call for help from UK - by Mark Atherton Alistair Darling, call for help, Depositors, Times online, UK, Press, Other 2008-10-21 (All day)
Offshore savers in bid to get deposits back By James Daley, Personal finance editor Depositors, savers joined forces, The Independent online, UK, Press, Other 2008-10-21 (All day)