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Life companies under fire over Kaupthing fallout CityWire, UK, Other, Other, Web 2008-10-21 (All day)
Perils of Saving Offshore - The Fool An excellent artilce - pass it on to all, Depositors, The Fool, Press, Other 2008-10-21 (All day)
7000 people could lose savings worth £860 million. They’ve been called greedy tax dodgers, but they’re not... Depositors,, Other, Web, Worldwide 2008-10-21 (All day)
The truth of Offshore saving Depositors, Kaupthing, Motley Fool Uk, Isle of Man, Iceland, Web 2008-10-21 (All day)
channel 4 article ch 4, Depositors, TV, Isle of Man, Other
Manx savers petition governments http://www.londonstockexc... Depositors, London Stock Exchange, UK, Web 2008-10-21 (All day)
How wonderful the IOM is for investment!! Expat Telegraph, UK, Governments, Web 2008-10-10 (All day)
Brussels Offers Hope for Crisis-Striken Iceland - IS REYKJAVIK STEERING TOWARDS EU? Der Spiegel Online, EU, iceland, Governments, Other, Web, International 2008-10-21 (All day)
Iceland PM hopes to conclude IMF deal soon-TV Money AM, Prime Minister Geir Haarde, Financial institutions, Press, Other, International 2008-10-21 (All day)
The savers they forgot to mention Depositors, The Guardian, UK, Press, Other 2008-10-18 (All day)