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Title Link Categories Dated
Proposed DAG "obituary" (brief history) page Text, Other, Other, Worldwide 2021-01-13 (All day)
What is Deutsche Bank hiding in Iceland? Deutsche Bank, Kaupthing, Sigrun Davidsdottir's Icelog, Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2017-11-03 (All day)
Vincent Tchenguiz and Iceland's Kaupthing settle lawsuit Kaupthing, Reuters UK, Tchenguiz, Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2017-10-31 (All day)
Tony Shearer, merchant banker – obituary Daily Telegraph, Text, UK, Other, Web 2017-10-31 (All day)
Bank crash victims get back all their cash - and more Depositors, IOM Today online, Isle of Man, Web 2017-06-27 23
The ‘puffin plot’ – a saga of international bankers and Icelandic greed Kaupthing hf, Sigrún Davíðsdóttir's Icelog, Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2017-03-29 23
Icelandic State Was Deceived in Bank Sale Iceland Review, Kaupthing hf, Text, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2017-03-28 23
Iceland to sentence ninth banker found guilty of market manipulation Independent, Text, Iceland, Other, Web 2016-10-06 23
Iceland finds all guilty in banker market-abuse case http://icelandmonitor.mbl... Iceland Monitor, Text, Iceland, Other, Web 2016-10-05 23
Supreme Court Hears Kaupþing Case Iceland Review, Financial institutions, Iceland, Web 2016-09-08 23