Recent "net worth polls" may provide useful indicators for PR purposes

The idea of a net-worth poll was discussed in the early days of our website, and was considered, by some at least, to be a good idea for illustrative purposes. I stress this is a PR activity, not an accounting one.

If they are obviously not working, I will delete them. I happened to think they may help support our PR case, if the results come out as I expect them too.


Suddenly realised that maybe all this time I've been wrongly under the impression that the bulk of members are basically LNW and felt that info should be provided as potential PR material.

But, if we have a significant proportion of HNW people worried about my latest poll then WTF am I doing here? Let me know know which of them to send a full-rate commercial invoice to please, and I will then gladly do everything requested of my clients, no more and no less.

No disrespect at all to HNW - I have absolutely no problem with HNW folks, I have worked closely with several. However, I do have a problem with providing services to them on the cheap though.

Anyway, so: please indicate below and whether you think a "net worth" related poll is potentially worthwhile. In the meantime, I'll remove the third and final one until at least further input has been made.

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I figure only those who have

I figure only those who have something to hide will have a problem with these polls, maybe I am wrong. Again, do not answer if you are not comfortable. It will only ever be an indicator, and no data will be published (only the final overall result).

I am working on this site because a lot of our members are in trouble, pensioners, etc. Those who are not in trouble, let me know so that I can send you my invoice at full commercial rates. Thank you.

Posted by ng on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 17:08
Well you figured wrong - you

Well you figured wrong - you still have not confirmed privacy policy. Notwithstanding that if you want to know who is really up to their neck in it, better ask directly. Your poll paints the wrong picture to any outsider.

Your assistance to this site which has been well documented and commented upon does not give you a white card to be absolved from any comment or critique.

If you need to find people in need, then you need a maximum of two check boxes.

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 17:37
Accepted, I would never

Accepted, I would never suggest that I be absolved of any criticism. I would suggest that since people have the option (clearly) as to whether to mark the poll or not, then I am hardly taking any "cart blanch" approach.

Nonetheless, I have removed two of the polls and left the least explicit one, which I will also remove if there is significant objection. Individual objectors may simply ignore the polls.

Posted by ng on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 17:46
Thankyou for your

Thankyou for your consideration. I feel that there may be better ways of obtaining the information that you need to make the point that undoubtably requires making.

Expat will confirm that some weeks ago we had a discussion that was removed (for the best) discussing that at some point someone would have more than just the responsibility of money lost tugging on their heart and conscience.

How you manage to get this point across without being too graphical, I don't know, but that is the point that needs making.

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 18:00
Privacy policy, site security

Just to add, on that point - in the early days I asked if anyone would come forward to help produce a proper privacy policy document - no result. So the policy is basically as much privacy as I can create, subject to usual practical limitations (i.e. somebody has to have access at the server level.) No ordinary members, not even "core" or other "special" member has been given IP addresses nor logs. There was one exception, when we were concerned that one particular member may be suicidal, and were trying to find him. Nonetheless, access to IP address used was only given to someone who had already exchanged email with that same person (therefore already had the IP, only served to confirm that IP.)

On the same topic ... I objected to a request to store people's names and addresses on the site (was needed for the legal funds contributions) because of the potential security/privacy issue, So what I'm saying is, I do believe everything is shipshape as far as privacy/security goes, bearing in mind our very limited budget. The server itself is secure too (in terms of any possibility of someone gaining ssh or similar access - strong passwords and other measures which I won't even mention as that would be a security risk!)

As an aside, I was planning to going to take the cissp exam this year, till I found out I had no money! Got 80% in the free practice test though, and that was with no "revision".

Posted by ng on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 18:28

meant "last year", not "this year" ... its 2009 .

Posted by ng on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 18:33
Alternative poll?

@CM ...

Re-post of your comment in the poll (the thread now removed)

1)I know where you are coming from - but please see how it looks from the outside.
2)I am not being paranoid about data privacy, my business involves it (I do sort of what you do)- Https does not mean that the data is secure once transfered, just that the transfer is OK.
3) HMCE have the power to lift the server from the rack if they wished - why collect what you really don't need?
4) I've just done the maths on the net worth over working life, and still wonder how it helps you? you are looking for the poor buggers who have really been kicked in the goolies by this - trujth is actually I can give you a pretty good tear-jerker of a story, but who gives a toss? I am pretty young, solvent, not overmortgaged and can still work - who gives a toss about me in the real world?
5)As we have had demonstrated - those in the biggest mess cannot summon the heart to air it here - they have been ripped apart by this, and they certainly won't post in a poll, if they do it will be one that has to choices "desperate" or "just about OK" - when you are broke, the figures don't come into it.

I ask again, please just look from outside , if i had a million ready laying about, I would still only tick the 46K box.

I do understand the encryption issue as you clearly do. I would never have suggested that we take such measures (https yes, for user/password and such) because I can't imagine data, even the data for those polls, being of such huge interest (you didn't object to the orignal "how much have we lost" poll?)

No, not particularly looking for "kicked in the goolies" folks, just trying to get a picture that leaves it clear that we are not "fat cats".

Can you suggest an alternative form of poll that might achieve that objective?

Posted by ng on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 18:07
I cannot think that a poll

I cannot think that a poll will give you what you need - too many variables.
One could be borassic, but have family who could assist, or know that they have work in the pipeline to keep the wolf away. you cannot define being strapped, by using a poll.

I know what you require, but it is also worthwhile pointing out that just because someone has half a million quid on deposit, doesn't mean that they aren't entitled to it and haven't given up ther lives to earn it.

"(you didn't object to the orignal "how much have we lost" poll?)" - well, even my tax inspector, little smiler that he is, hasn't been able to turn a loss into taxable income - well not yet anyway.

Expat knows of one very upsetting case, but if that victim is now over the worst, then they would be an ideal case for you to detail.

I'd also point out that you lost a comma in the original formatting of:-

"I am pretty young, solvent, not overmortgaged and can still work "

Which should have course read:-

"I am pretty, young, solvent, not overmortgaged and can still work " subtle, but important to those of us who still retain our looks and don't have a hairdo like a badly loaded skip, or a tweed jacket that looks like the fluff bar off of a dog kennel's Hoover Junior.

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 18:20
No poll then?

Ok, good points. But it was you who missed out the comma, Freudian slip no doubt.

Maybe "our stories" alone is the way forward from this PR perspective. Audio versions don't seemed to have been taken up (though I do have a promise of one on the way.)

Maybe we are on the same side after all.

Posted by ng on Wed, 21/01/2009 - 21:33