Add a "Contacts List" on the site

Would the following be useful and be used and kept reasonably up to date?

Contact list

  • Allows DAG members to easily search for contact details
  • Search by name, type of person (MP, journalist, etc.)
  • Holds phone, fax, email and other information
  • Indicator as to whether this persons is supportive/unsupportive/neutral towards DAG.


  • What classifications are needed in addition to or instead of those above? (person type, supportive ...)
  • Who should be allowed to input and edit contacts? (everyone?)

Other factors

Once the database is built up, it could be used for targeted bulk email, automated bulk faxing or automated bulk physical mail. Ignoring for the moment that such techniques would be spam, they may help in achieving DAG's aims. The correct way to circumvent the spam issue would be to gain agreement from those contacts to receive occasional messages - that may not be feasible in practice.

This is a simple poll - please click the star-chart to show if you agree that a contacts database is needed here.

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