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Website Support Team

Volunteers needed for the following tasks:

  • Handle incoming "technical support" requests from users. Typically these are along the lines of "I can't login" or "How do I upload a PDF file". In practice, standard responses may be used in many cases.

  • Handle incoming non-technical help requests such as "How do I claim DCS?". In practice, standard responses may be used in many cases.

  • Monitor and respond to or forward emails sent to the mail-help(?)ksfiomdepositors [dot] org address. Typically this happens when somebody receives an automated mail from the system (e.g. notifications) and then replies to it, asking for further information or asking to be removed from the mailing list.

  • Monitor posts for unacceptable content and handle any incoming messages complaining about posts on the site.

  • Handle any incoming messages which relate to site legal matters, e.g. a complaint of libel or copyright infringement.

  • Any proposed new task, e.g. compiling and maintaining a list of "selected" posts.

Please join this group if you would like to take on one or more of the above tasks.

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