Viral email

Viral email has been discussed elsewhere on the site several times, but to date it still hasn't happened. The idea here is to have a team-based approach to making it happen. Membership here is open. Please join and start writing. Use of the "journal" type is probably best (all comments displayed in chronological order) so that the final version of the message can be built up. One journal per message (if more than one message is to be created) would probably be best.

A viral email somehow needs to persuade people to forward it. My thoughts are that the "government cover-up" angle may work. Another might be the "human element". Ultimately the message somehow has to be one of:

  • "please forward this message to everybody, because they need to know"
  • "please forward this message to everybody because we need their help".

(not those exact words of course.)

Finalise first message
Promote the idea to all members
Skills needed: 
Writing, good understanding of general depositors' situations

First Viral Email

So, any ideas?

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