Take-over of ksfiomdepositors.org web-sites

I (ng) have been managing the sites since the early days. For numerous reasons I would like to identify a viable alternative to my involvement here.

A suitable site manager (person or company) will, in my opinion:

  • have suitable technical experience - in a nutshell: LAMP + Drupal
  • be neutral in any internal debate/conflict in the DAG (none exists currently)
  • be committed to upholding free-speech and privacy policies.

Please join this group if you can help identify a solution or if you are in position to provide a solution.

Identify viable options
Propose best option(s) to members
Make a decision
Implement changeover

Can anyone do some research?

Posted 03/11/2009 - 10:56 by ng

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A couple of people have joined this group so far, I was hoping for more but maybe it's not going to happen.

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