Maintain "actions and tasks" list

For a long time we've had an "actions and tasks" feature which has to some extent been forgotten about. The idea was to be able to create a task such as "send this letter to your MP" with supporting information, and that would be easily visible to members. The way it works is that new (unread) tasks are displayed in a box at top-left of every page here. In addition, they will be mailed out if people have notifications suitable configured. This provides a simple way to communicate important tasks to all members.

Currently, only a handful of members are able to create entries on the actions and tasks list. The purpose of this project is to establish a team of people who can do that, and amongst them define the actions/tasks for publication, in collaboration with DST.

So, please consider joining this team if you can help in defining and publishing tasks which are consistent with DAG strategy.

Establish team members
Ongoing definition and distribution of "actions and tasks"
Skills needed: 
teamwork, analysis, good written communication


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I have spent a lot of time emailing the URL for one of our videos to every Minister on the isle of Man Government and ever councillor on the Douglas Borough Council and I shall send them a different


Posted 26/08/2009 - 07:02 by conned

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I have been advised to use the forums instead of the blog. I use blogs because I don't want to get into this bickering that goes on.

Moving forward

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Folks, you need to be proactive here! Don't wait for somebody else to get started.

We need:

  • A team of people to define what actions and tasks are needed (members of this group basically.)

Feel free to get started!!!

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There are six members here now (not counting me.) You can see the list of names by clicking on the right where is it says (currently) [7 members](/og/users/4086).

How it works (currently)

As it stands at the moment:

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