Testing email communication with ksfiomdepositors.com members

Posted 22/10/2008 - 12:58 by ng

Did you receive the email "ksfiomdepositors.com - PLEASE CONFIRM RECEIPT" (dated 22-Oct)?
99% (806 votes)
Not received
1% (9 votes)
Total votes: 815
It'd be hard to make life

It'd be hard to make life more difficult for them than it has got in the last couple of weeks...

Posted by cold-dose on Fri, 24/10/2008 - 23:03

Thank you for keeping intouch. We all need to think of actions to take against the Icelandic government and see that they pay up all the deposits.

Posted by erwinstern on Fri, 24/10/2008 - 20:49

got it boys.

Posted by cathy on Fri, 24/10/2008 - 14:40
Communication e-mail

Received twice-thanks a lot

Posted by Kishor on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 14:46
Received twice

And as everyone else has said - thank you SO MUCH for all your help, input, hard work, time spent ....

Posted by expatps on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 09:42
Like most here....Received

Like most here....Received twice.

Your input appreciated and NOT taken for granted.....thank you.

Posted by please on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 07:34
Three times!

I got the email three times last night, do I win a prize?

Posted by David9J on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 06:34

I received the news of the Kaupthing closing while I was with a stroke in the hospital. Since I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia it is difficult for me to get here information on the situation. My wife and I had all our life savings (over GBP300k) in Kaupthing. We are now broke and totally helpless. We only hope the situation will change.

Posted by howagcr on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 05:20

From all the team involved many thanks. If it helps get our money back then it will have been worthwhile.

Dunno about 'professionalism' tho, you havent seen all the string and sticky tape :-)

Mat (And lots of others!)

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 02:07
Thank you

Thank you for all that you are all doing - all those taking action, all those making decisions, all those providing information and support. We're a long way away from the UK too. It helps massively to know we're not alone.

Posted by Hoping and coping on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 01:48
You Guys are Pros

Thanks for your diligence and professionalism in creating this site

Posted by Relentless Posse on Thu, 23/10/2008 - 00:53
Receipt of email confirmed

This site is a godsend! - Particularly for those of thus who are so far from the action in Oz. Many many thanks.

Posted by Noodle 2 on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 22:51

Received twice. Thank you so much for the wonderful , well co-ordinated, relentless hard work you people are putting in. I don't have any skill in this field to help this group.

Posted by cupcake on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 22:33

Received twice. Thank you so much for the wonderful , well co-ordinated, relentless hard work you people are putting in. I don't have any skill in this field to help this group.

Posted by cupcake on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 22:33
Received twice

Received twice - thanks a lot for the hard work on behalf of all of us.

Posted by petenorwich on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 21:55
Received twice.

Received twice. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

Posted by Dismayed on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 20:01
Received twice as well

....But just wanted to take this opportunity to extend a massive big THANK YOU to you and all your team!
This site has been my absolute lifeline, 24/7, since we all received the bad news. I have been motivated (on a daily basis!) to get up and do something to help fight our cause, and have been bowled over by the expertise and comeradery shown by others on this site.

Posted by JC1 on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 19:23
Fantastic help and Information

Thank you soooooo much for all the hard work you are putting in we are British subjects and only have a small amount in comparison to some but also Pensioners and that is all we have.

Posted by Antonacb on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 19:00
Yes, received twice

The people who are coordinating this site are doing a great job. Without your efforts I for one would be totally lost. Thank you.

Posted by uptight61 on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 18:26

As with everyone receiced twice

Posted by skintagainnow on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 18:15
e -mail test

I receive all the e-mails from the site twice -- BUT HEY rather twice than not at all
Thanks all.

Posted by Julienne on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 17:45

I also received it twice. THANKS to ng and all of you out there. without you we would be totally lost

Posted by Consuelo on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 16:53
testing e- mail

received twice, thanks for all your hard work NG, and all the other guys , manning this site.

Posted by jamjar on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 16:35

I am also receiving all emails twice.

Posted by omeros on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 16:35
test email received

I received it twice.

Posted by two time loser on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 16:13
am also recieving all emails

am also recieving all emails from the site at least twice, but had one 6 times this evening...tks for sending and tks again for all the good work...i appreciate it so much

Posted by worried jules on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 16:12
Yes,up to 3 or 4 sometimes.

Yes,up to 3 or 4 sometimes.

Posted by Jean-Charles Marlier on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:52

Yes it was like that x 5

Posted by btandkt on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:43
email test

there were not meant to be any attachments, only the message itself, which should have been like this:

To: (your email address)
Subject: [Important event] ksfiomdepositors.com - PLEASE CONFIRM RECEIPT
From: ksfiomdepositors(?)netgenius [dot] co [dot] uk
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 16:10:54 +0200

ng has sent you a group e-mail from Kaupthing Isle of Man (ksfiom) Depositors Action Group - www.ksfiomdepositors.com.

We are testing email communication with al www.ksfiomdepositors.com
registered members.
Please help us to gauge the results by going to the page
http://www.ksfiomdepositors.com/?q=node/569 and "voting" so that we can
see how many people have received this message.
PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. If you have any questions you can use
the contact form at http://www.ksfiomdepositors.com/contact to contact us.
Finally, apologies for the interruption - we will normally only use direct
email to inform you of very important news and events.
Best regards,
The www.ksfiomdepositors.com team

Posted by ng on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:38
test email received

test email received

Posted by adambw on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:37
emails from depositors group

I am receiving the same emails several times can this be reolved?

Posted by rapata on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:36
multiple emails

I received 5 - no attachments

Posted by btandkt on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:35
email received multiple times

Ok thanks for that info. I think I have an idea why that might be. Might need to do another test.

Anybody else receive it really lots of times? Say five or more?

Posted by ng on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:28
Email Communication

There appears to be quite a bit of duplication, but this is OK because I just keep one copy of each email and delete the rest.
Hopefully the system will be refined as time progresses.

Posted by Expat13 on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:28
Testing email communication

Yes - received twice also. Many thanks for everything you are doing, it is keeping us together (in more ways than one!)

Posted by Yogi on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:27
Testing email communication

Received twice. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all.

Posted by louisad on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:20

Rcvd x 2.... thanks

Posted by mikepapa on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 15:14
Testing email

Twice to same address also

Posted by barnie on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:55
Testing E mail Communication

Received twice, many thanks for each and everyone

Posted by William.B.Hill. on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:55
Testing email comms

Ditto - twice received to same email address.

Posted by Great Depression on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:51
communication email

also got it twice..

Posted by Nixi on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:50
Testing Email Communication

Received twice, but thanks!

Posted by vikkinkit on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:47
received twice

received twice (same address)

Posted by anrigaut on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:46
message rec'd twice (one second apart)

Sorry to clutter.

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:36
Testing email communication...

Received twice to the same address.

Posted by Niko on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:33

twice in a few seconds

Posted by caledonia on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:32
Testing email

Me too 4 times! Prefer to get mail 4 times than not at all.

Posted by expat3 on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:32
three times

twice to one account, and once to another account i dont recall even registering!

i hope we have to use it for some good important news soon!

Posted by IsleofMuppets on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:24
Testing email communication

I received it 4 times within 10 seconds!

Posted by C_south_africa on Wed, 22/10/2008 - 14:15