Survey of Euro Account holders

Euro account - less than 5,000 Euros
17% (4 votes)
5 - 50K Euros
30% (7 votes)
50 - 100K Euros
17% (4 votes)
More than 100K Euros
35% (8 votes)
Total votes: 23
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Am not sure where the poll

Am not sure where the poll went but I had €101111 plus about $10k in addition to my Sterling. This FX conversion has cost me dearly as works out at about a Euro buys 77p then instead of 93p today a 21% difference so thats over £20k of Sterling value gone and on the Dollar the rate was $1.78 : £1 mid rate on 8th Oct and now its $1.36 so thats 31% and another £3k of Sterling value lost.

If all we get is the basics I will lose over £40k and I know thats a lot better than many. Fortunately I will live to fight another day but to be frank I just want whatever I money I will get and to get on asap. I think they will do what they are going to do anyway at least until after Kaupthing sues the UK in the Hague. If Kaupthing wins, and I think they might, then it opens the door to sue the UK.

Otherwise and if I am wrong in this resigned view, are we getting sufficient feedback on how the legals are going and what the situation is? I havent sent any money but I could and I would but I want to know how we stand and that I am not just sending good money after bad. I dont have a great deal of faith in lawyers not to give us a big bill and get us nowhere when it comes to this matter.

How do others feel?

Posted by royallyshafted on Fri, 13/03/2009 - 18:02