Members' level of involvement

Please choose the most appropriate and add a comment if necessary.
I'm an active member, regularly visiting the site and taking part in all or most activities
21% (168 votes)
I'm a fairly active member, and take part in anything which I think is really important
56% (452 votes)
I'm a passive member, only really interested in receiving news and updates
22% (173 votes)
None of the above
1% (9 votes)
Total votes: 802
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Welcome I think its a good


I think its a good idea but wonder if these sectors are being told its all going to be alright.
ie is the government going to 'top' them up on the qt?
They cant be seen treating other unsecured creditors any different than us.

The cats home charity seems to have a lot of clout maybe we could ask them what their secret is.
I think all the charities may have joined forces they have a large amount of votes on the no 10 petition site.
ie 7000 + so they have a lot of people rooting for them.

Posted by bellyup on Tue, 23/12/2008 - 19:02
I have only recently joined

I have only recently joined the group as I did not know of its existence-I only discovered a problem with KSFIOM when I tried to check my accounts which I only did every month or so since I received regular statements.
I am truly amazed and gobsmacked by the effort and time that people are putting in to this campaign--The organisers of the site, contributors and all are too be most highly commended for their work; I cannot praise them enough in words.
It is incredible that the government and particularly the chancellor does not respond in any way to the huge number of questions directed at them from multitudinous sources.
It seems then that this approach is not working.
It may be that the big 5 depositors including Transport for London and Peterborough City Council may be a source of "clout".
Can we tell the citizens of Peterborough that a huge amount of their council tax has been appropriated by HMG?
I am not sure of the figures but the statement said many millions.
I don't know offhand how many tax payers are involved but there must be more than 100,000 people in Peterborough.
I live in the Philippines so it is difficult for me to lobby, but if someone could get the story in the local newspaper, I think it might generate some action.
There are 4 other big investors who now have a vote on the "committee--maybe something similar could be done to publicize and embarrass these groups to spur them into action!
I may be chasing shadows--what do you think?

Bob Windley

Posted by bobwin on Tue, 23/12/2008 - 18:51
Approx. 350 members have

Approx. 350 members have accessed the chat site in the past 24 hours, and around 720 in the past week. This is only for people who logged in - there may be others visiting the public site without logging in. It is nearly Christmas though, inevitably things will die down until early January.

As for the 2000+ registered members, all indications (polls etc.) are that the "active" number is smaller, perhaps 1000. We do know that a lot of people are older, perhaps retired etc, and can perhaps assume that they don't use the net on a regular basis.

We do have the ability to email all registered members, so when there's something important we have that medium available even if people aren't checking the site.

Posted by ng on Mon, 22/12/2008 - 20:11
I agree. I too replied

I agree. I too replied "fairly active" because I think that best describes my participation, which I think is on a similar level to Hoping and Coping's (plus contributions to ng and legal). So I think up to 80% OF THOSE WHO VOTED are actually doing quite a bit.

BUT note that only 674 people have actually voted. My guess is that many of the 2000+ have dropped out altogether, which would explain the low response to the petition. Probably most of the active or fairly active members have voted in the poll - which would suggestt we are not much more than 500 active/fairly active members in total (81% of 674= 546).

Maybe ng could tell us how many registered users have connected in, say, the last week?

Posted by anrigaut on Mon, 22/12/2008 - 10:02
Perhaps it's better than 25%.

Perhaps it's better than 25%. I signed up as "fairly active" rather than "active" because I am conscious that I am not doing everything that is suggested, and also that there are members who are doing a very great deal more than I have done, and are keeping their fingers on the (especially the financial and legal) pulses more and better than I can. I generally sign in and check things twice a day - at the start of my day, and at the start of the UK day, or thereabouts. I have written to our ex-MP twice - once generally, and once to ask for his participation in the Mary McCreagh-led Adjournment Debate, also to the British High Commissioner here, and to John Aspden (IOMFSC) prior to the first court hearing asking for the winding-up to be postponed; I've sent questions to the Treasury Commitee and the BBC Politics Show, put an entry on the BBC PM Blog page, and written to Sir Alan Beith/the Justice Committee. I'm about to write to the Senior Citizens Party. I also try to put news items on if I find any at the start of my day (eight hours ahead of the UK) - or if I find any that have not been put on by other members.

(I have to confess, though, that I haven't posted replies to my e-mails on the site, and I am only just managing to get a contribution through to ng - all primarily because I'm struggling to cope in terms of time - though I know this must be the case for everyone ...)

I'm not saying any of this to justify, or excuse, myself - just to indicate that maybe the "Fairly Active" ones are being, well, fairly active - and that perhaps more is being done than appears.

But I certainly agree that we do all need to continue to as much as we can.

So, still trying to cope, and to hope...

Posted by Hoping and coping on Mon, 22/12/2008 - 05:38
I believe this poll is

I believe this poll is correct going on the number of people who have posted on the blog and the number of people who have signed the petition on the 10 Downing St website.

So although 2000+ are registered about 25% ( barring visitors and spooks) actually do anything.

I find this extraordinary

Please everyone do a little bit.

Sign the petition write to your MP again write a comment on the BBC Blog

Posted by bellyup on Mon, 22/12/2008 - 03:30
To reiterate, the poll is not

To reiterate, the poll is not meant to criticise in any way, only to get an idea of the number of members (active, passive, etc.) we really have.

Posted by ng on Sun, 21/12/2008 - 21:59
Hello to all you 'taken

Hello to all you 'taken advantage of ' folk out there. What an unbelievable position this all is. Would you credit it?

Firstly let me say the people who got this Site up and maintain it are heroes and I am most grateful for the wonderful job they have done and continue with. Being in Australia it is difficult to be as active (as is possible) what with no UK MP's and no or limited contact with anyone else who might be remotely able to help.

I access the Site every day if possible but have to admit I do get some difficulty in efficently navigating it and, as it were, finding out what, might be described as, the current 'nub of it' is at that point in time.Hence it is difficult to concisely know 'where are we all up to and hence what the options open now are plus then ofcourse who is going to do what.

It is certainly complex and for credibility coordinated action is essential. Maybe in reality we already have this. I am not close enough to judge. I guess that is where the frustration lies.

One needs time to thoroughly visit all buttons and thus information on this wondrerful Site. It could be the short cut summary stuff is there and I am not putting in enough time to locate it.

I am concerned that those holding the purse strings with the unauthorised bounty are stringing us along and thinking we will give up with time and that the 'stink' that has been created will also dissapate with time.

If the late January announcements turn out to be a sham are we all in a position to launch a major assualt/programme(co-ordinated) to expose the sheer theft and evil that is clearly afoot?

Thank you again all you good people who cannot live with this highway robbery and are prepared to bandy together, to fight and to keep fighting until justice is done. It makes me ashmed to be a British Citizen to see the Government acting in such a dastardly and totally unwarranted way.

Yours Fortitude

Posted by fortitude on Wed, 17/12/2008 - 02:58
I've signed in as 'active'

I've signed in as 'active' because I clock in 3 or 4 times a day (except for this last week, been away for the week's Muslim holiday). I have written to many MPs and posted replies, also from Derbyshire BS, and Derby newspaper. Family members also. Will try BBC again. Have contributed to Sefton twice, and twice spoken to Steve when he was there, also to legal fund. I rarely post opinions, as I do not have specialised legal or financial knowledge for informed comments. I read everything, and am eternally grateful to everyone out there.

Posted by sunny1 on Sun, 14/12/2008 - 18:11
Mine took a couple of days to

Mine took a couple of days to come back. You should not have any trouble.

Posted by Grahame on Tue, 09/12/2008 - 12:26
I am also having trouble

I am also having trouble registering. I have been offline over the weekend but will try again.

Posted by saoversoix on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 20:27
anrigaut... Agreed....I


Agreed....I posted yesterday and will repeat today please put your comments depositors on the BBC blog . It is easy ...only takes a few minutes to repeat the story you have rehearsed for the last 2 months. It is imperative that we all contribute to the team spirit...Please dont expect a few core members to do everything . Help where you can. Time is in some instances a more precious commodity than money.


Posted by masu on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 19:37
Try and try again. I used my

Try and try again. I used my standard gmail account and had no issues.

Posted by IanAbroad on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 18:41
I have tried to register 3

I have tried to register 3 times, for posting on the BBC site, but despite having used various email addresses, I never receive the email which I require in order to activate my registration.

Posted by Honest Citizen on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 18:33
Aringaut, I commend your

Aringaut, I commend your efforts to try and get more people to act; I have posted a few times to the iPM site and so have others - why are we not getting more of a response from what is a simple exercise?

For those who are having trouble posting, make sure you DO NOT use the ampersand - & - character, the BBC site does not like it! Write Kaupthing Singer 'and' Friedlander instead, or just use KSFIOM or KSFUK.

Posted by IceCrusher on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 18:30
I'm all for positive kandk

I'm all for positive kandk but I feel a weekly update from PWC who we are paying is not too much to expect.

Posted by Alastair on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 17:58
I check the site everyday,

I check the site everyday, during the day from work and several times during the evening from home. I'm not personally a depositor, but my mother is. Once I found the site I registered in order to help her as much as possible, as she was pretty devastated in the beginning. My mother's not computer literate at all, although does have a computer at home, so I go through the site everyday and send news, updates, important posts, plus newspaper articles and anything else useful I can come across! She also checks the site herself of course, but with a lot more difficulty.

I've sent numerous emails to MP's, MEP's, left comments on online sites, including the recent BBC blog and taken part in all 'tasks' on her behalf, although not anything that required a physical presence as we're both out of the UK. I must admit I rarely post, but pretty much read everything to keep up to date. I suppose I would describe myself as fairly active. I've also answered all polls on her behalf, filling in the relevant information.

My mother contributed to the legal fund when it was set up and over the next few days, she'll contribute again - we're just waiting for the new paypal details. I contributed to ng's expenses, as without the site I don't know how I would have been able to help my mum - she was in a bit of a state at the beginning of all this and has only just started to come around a bit.

I'm so grateful to everyone - as we both live abroad, albeit in different countries from each other (both UK expats now!) and it would be very difficult without this site to keep up - it's a real lifeline! I've certainly learnt more than I ever wanted to know about banks and politics!!

Thanks again to everyone.

Posted by formymum on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 17:23
I've tried 3 times to post on

I've tried 3 times to post on the BBC blog and very time I get the same response

There has been a problem...
Your comment contains some HTML that has been mistyped.
Data at the root level is invalid on line 1

I've written to the BBC and they said try again. I've written again but have had no respònse. Has anyone had the same problem? Can anyone help?

Posted by jmf on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 17:21
A call to all active or

A call to all active or fairly active members!
So far, 432 have replied to this poll as being active or fairly active. Yet to date still only 281 comments on the BBC radio4 pm blog. Do the rest of us think this is not sufficiently important?

PLEASE add your weight to this action NOW (see Actions and tasks).

And if the 89 'passive' members could also make this small effort, we could get up to over 500. This is something simple that all of us CAN do and I believe could be 'really important'.

Posted by anrigaut on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 16:33
I visit regularly and take

I visit regularly and take part in limited activities, but keen to see the updates and latest information, news regarding what is happening at the KSFIOM for any favouable outcome.
I am ready to take part in activities which I can do .
There is a much lack of information regarding any recovery of assests and sale or orderly rundown the bank is realy a big puzzele, for example after recent adjornment bet the period 27 Nov and 8 Dec , I have not seen any update from any one.

Posted by steelwood on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 15:52
I've voted myself as an

I've voted myself as an "active member", which I believe I am because I constantly view this website for most of the hours of the day during which I am awake. I do not post on every topic but I follow as much as I reasonably can.

Posted by sami on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 12:44
We check this website at

We check this website at least twice a day and it has become our lifeline.
I just wish there were more positive comments posted here.
We have Mike Simpson and Peter Spratt of PWC, John Wright, advocate for IOM, David Lovett, the re-structuring specialist and the London and IOM teams and all the wonderful people involved in this website all doing their utmost working for a speedy conclusion to this nightmare.
If it was all doom and gloom the bank would have gone into liquidation before now. We have had two adjournments which is a good sign, we just have to be a little patient until the 29th January when hopefully there will be good news for us all. Let's all have a little faith and some positive thinking and leave these people to get on with their jobs.
We can help by continuing to lobby all.

Posted by kandk on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 11:01
I do as much mailing as

I do as much mailing as possible, except writing to MPs.
I am a British (and Italian) citizen, but I have been resident in Italy for + 20 years, so I don't have voting rights.

Posted by Mandy_Italy on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 10:19
Things we don't know! How

Things we don't know!

  • How many account holders there are in total. 10,500 accounts possibly 8,000 actual depositors.
  • How many of the DAG will lose more than £50,000 and thus would stand to gain from supporting a legal action.
  • Who it was (if it was anyone), made a statement to Alaistair Darling on the 7th.October which justified him saying on the morning of 8 October 2008 "The Icelandic government believe it or not, have told me yesterday they have no intention of honoring their obligations here."
  • I have had some support from my MP but in view of the fact that he was arrested the other day for disseminating information which the government wished to conceal. I don't know how much more I can expect. I do get the feeling,as have others on here, that we belong to a group of people that had money and have lost it through putting it somewhere that can easily be portrayed as "dodgy" and hence deserve little sympathy from the public at large.

    My view hasn't changed since I posted this on 23rd.October We are in it for the long haul.

    If every member of the DAG had put £10 into the current fighting fund we would have raised more that has been from the 250 or so members that contributed before 27th.November.

    Posted by Peasant on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 09:20
    Just for the record: British

    Just for the record:
    British citizen (now also French) living in France for 25 years, so no longer any right to vote in UK. Have nevertheless written (email) about 5 times to the MP of my former constituency, who just happens to be the leader of the Lib-Dems all with - disappointingly but perhaps predictably - no response. Also sent questions to the TSC, helped a little in drafting the position paper, added my story to the BBC blog and contributed to legal and IT funds. Would be willing to go to London if something definite was organised (depending a bit on what and when). Otherwise, I'm addicted to this site and visit usually several times every day to keep up with postings. Was uncertain how to reply to the poll but finally recorded all that as 'fairly active'.

    Like others, I'd like to know how legal it was for the Derbyshire to transfer our funds to KSFIOM without us having the option to withdraw without penalty (those of us with fixed term bonds).

    Posted by anrigaut on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 09:15
    DaveMeredith, there may well

    DaveMeredith, there may well be 8,000 depositors, but here there are perhaps 350.

    We should be recruiting.

    In my view it is unrealistic and unfair to expect Tom with deposit of £1,000, Dick with deposit of £50,000 and Harry with deposit of £500,000 to equally contribute £1,000 to legal action.

    Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 08:40
    My feeling to. I think we

    My feeling to.

    I think we will get some return, probably the current compensation scheme, but to get above this figure will take a long time and possibly legal action. If the compensation scheme is invoked this will settle a large percentage of depositors making the group smaller. The remaining DAG depositors have a lot to lose and in my opinion it would be good to look at a legal representative who would be paid by result. There is a huge amount of money at stake and if he or she achieved the goal and took 5% they would end up very wealthy. I am sure that they could also claim damages for people is some instances which may regain the fee costs. It should be remembered that this court case would be very expensive and there is a possibility that we would not win. If this occurred a lot of people would still not have their cash back but also owe a large debt in legal fees. It maybe though that if it were be seen to go to court the IOM would settle outside the court rather than have the bad publicity.
    Up to few days ago I blamed HMG but now I am unsure, I think the problem has been caused by the IOM themselves not ring fencing the 557M and perhaps putting it into the UK which and I am sure under those circumstances E&Y or HMG can't hand it back to KSF IOM without concrete evidence that it was in fact secured. All HMG can do is offer a loan to the IOM if both of them agree to it.
    If by the the end of January it is not settled I would consider that a political bail out is not going to happen and in the the end it will become a legal dispute.

    Posted by dclf1947 on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 07:00
    I feel very much like Peter.

    I feel very much like Peter. I joined the group as soon as it was formed and before that contributed through the blogg on money supermarket where many of us started.
    I too am very grateful for the work of so many colleagues. I read the site everyday, have written to my MP, to Darling, got friends and family to write to their MPs, written to other folks too, but rarely get much of an answer.
    I can see that this is going to be a long haul and soon we will need to shift strategy as the press will bore of our story soon and we will slip out of their mind. however this does not mean we stop our campaign. we need to understand that there are many dreadful things taking place all over the world and it is inevitable that our story will not be news for long.
    We need to gradually shift to a campiagn for the long haul and I think that will involve having a paid campaign group and paid legal representatives. to this end I think members of this group will need to consider how much we stand to lose and how much we can pay to get that money back. There 8,000 of us apparently (is that right?). If we all contributed 1,000 pounds we would have a BIG pot of money to hire top lawyers, finance a team etc. This is probably the bitter pill we are going to need to swallow folks.
    Keep your chins up guys!
    best wishes

    Posted by davemeredithlondon on Mon, 08/12/2008 - 05:39
    We are in SW France and we

    We are in SW France and we log on to the website several times a day but don't post often. We do as much emailing as possible and get family members in UK to help and we are happy to contribute to funding when we can. The website really has been a lifeline and we appreciate all that is being done by those in a position to be more active. Thanks to all who contribute positively to the site - it gives us all hope.

    Posted by btandkt on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 22:43
    I joined the group a couple

    I joined the group a couple of days after KSFIOM closure to give support to the group to get our money back and for the group to give me support on the loss of it. I wrote letters to MPs and put questions to the government etc. I live in South America and am well past retirement age so am a bit limited on ideas for pros and cons of UK based initiatives. I would like to do more to help. I was greatly impressed and very greatful for the momentum generated in the first couple of weeks by the people who set the site up and lobbyed hard within the UK and IOM and by the clear and precise information that they published on the site. I went a bit cold after what I felt were rather abusive posts (from only one or two people) to my posts and to other people's posts enquiring what we could do to go on supporting the group. It seemed to me that there were people posting comments on the site who did not realise that there are depositors from many countries, of different financial situations, of all ages, and of different capacities to make mountains move. In short I felt that I wasn't getting the support any more. It now seems that the site has been "cleaned up" a bit. I am again checking the site every couple of days and continue to hope that EVERYBODY will get ALL their money back.

    Posted by Anonymous on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 19:55
    In veiw of the Popes recent

    In veiw of the Popes recent comments a copy could go to Cardinal Cormac Murphy O Connor explaining our situations.

    enquiries(?)rcdow [dot] org [dot] uk

    Posted by bellyup on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 19:35
    Transfer of customer accounts

    Transfer of customer accounts to KSF-IOM.When instructing financial institutions how they handle customer payments,ie payment of share dividends,or payment of any monies ,from your account to another bank,its normal practice to confirm your request/instruction,by completing a mandate form,which is as much,if not more,for the legalised benefit of the bank.Its difficult to understand how or why the IOM regulator can allow 600+m GBP,of a banks customer monies,to simply pass from one entity to another,particuarly from one country to another,without permission or agreement in legalised documentation from the legal owner of that money,ie a completed form of mandate on file,by all the banks customers,whose monies are being given/sold to another,other than the original deposit taking bank,to whom application for an account had to be made,prior to any transaction being made.I think the Derbyshire BS should be asked that question,by our legal rep in IOM.

    Posted by jamjar on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 19:26
    Identical situation to

    Identical situation to William Hill. but SE France, Who or what can help us help ourselves?
    Very frustrated that the IOM authority is ducking out of the "generally perceived protection of £20k"

    Posted by gahwey on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 19:23
    [updated] Also suggested


    Also suggested elsewhere already - good old fashioned paper -- handouts, posters stuck on noticeboards in pubs and shops. I guess most people have a printer .. if we produce the document for you to print at home, how many people are available (UK based primarily) to go and hand it out, post it through peoples' letterboxes, put in pubs (check with the owners first) etc ?

    Can we get 100 people (UK based, logically) to hand-out, in some form or other, 100 copies? That's 10,000.

    Do you have friends and perhaps grown-up children? Could 100 people each find 10 friends/family members to each hand out 100 copies? That's 100,000.

    100 copies is actually quite a small number, taking perhaps only half an hour if you post them through letterboxes and only 15 minutes to stick under card windscreen wipers in a crowded car park. So if people a few hours at this and distribute 1000 rather than 100, we could hit 1 million copies distributed?

    Cost of printing is not insignificant - printing once and photocopying will be cheaper and faster if all you have at home is an inkjet printer.

    Posted by ng on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 19:10
    "How can we exert more

    "How can we exert more pressure?" -- I think that's an excellent question, and worthy of continual brainstorming. More of the same may not work... like you eventually get used to a pneumatic drill outside your house every day.

    So, what angles remain? A London demonstration has been talked about, but consensus of opinion seems to be its not a good option (insufficient numbers.) Viral email was my suggestion but also has a number of drawbacks (nb: viral in this case does not mean sending anyone a virus! it means the email works like a virus in the sense of getting copied (forwarded) to other people. If a viral email were successful, a demonstration might become a real possibility.

    What about international press? Efforts to date have been focussed on the UK for obvious reasons.

    Posted by ng on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 19:03
    I act when i believe i can be

    I act when i believe i can be effective
    i have sent emails to TSC, MP etc etc
    if i do not access this site any day it is because i do not have computer access.

    my story is not as useful as some, .... not expat, not duped, not trapped,
    an uncharitable person said 'asleepatthewheel' would be a good name!

    however i am furious!

    Posted by coldlightofday on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 18:54
    I have lived in SW France for

    I have lived in SW France for several years,hence I do not havea local MP whom I can contact.
    I have however sent Emails to the BBC (twice). to MPs recommended in various blogs, and the toothless Conservatives abroad, all without any response whatever. I am not despondent but am very frustrated, is there anyone of influence out there interested in our plight ?
    How can we exert more pressure, I am willing to write ,March. Protest ,anything to get justice and ALL of our Money back

    Posted by William.B.Hill. on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 18:47
    Re the 15 year thing someone

    Re the 15 year thing someone posted,this is apallling many of us wont live that long.

    Posted by bellyup on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 18:45
    Just a note - I was in no way

    Just a note - I was in no way asking anybody to justify anything (activity or lack of it). We are looking for ways of "re-activating" some members perhaps .. we do think that pressure on politicians remains #1 priority.

    Posted by ng on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 18:31
    I have sent 2 emails to Peter

    I have sent 2 emails to Peter Luff Con.MP for N Worcestershire without any reply except formal acknowlegements. I have had better response from Allen Bell, Finance Minister at IoM Government. I sent him the PWC 2008 Report on their liquidation of Leyland Daf Ltd who went bust in 1993. My business was an unsecured creditor (supplier) owed £36,000.
    Fifteen years later we received (last June) 21p in the pound. The sale of LDL raised over £80 million of which £50 million is still held by PWC.
    This shows what we can expect if Kaupthing IoM is bankrupted.
    Allen Bell has replied, thanking me for the PWC Report and confirming Tynwald's desire to reconstitute the Bank. I have suggested that it could become a Mutual Building Society, each depositor/creditor owning one voting share and agreeing to defer part of our repayments to avoid an insolvency decision at the next IoM court hearing. I would then continue to collect mortgage repayments and press its claims upon Nationwide, British Treasury and Kaupthing Iceland.

    Posted by Blenkinson on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 18:28
    I am adicted. I look at the

    I am adicted.
    I look at the site at least twice a day
    It's not that I am a sad anorak it's just that I have lost all and am furious.
    I want to do more to contribute.
    I have written, hard copy, and had them psoted in UK to IoM politicians, UK MoJ etc .
    I have filled in BBC polls etc and emailed all UK MPs
    I want to do more.

    Posted by IoM-neveragain on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 18:01
    I have lived in France for

    I have lived in France for many years so don't have a local MP. However, I've sent emails to the Treasury Select Committee, the BBC (Radio 4 pm), various MPs whom I thought might be sympathetic to our cause and I came to London in November to hand in the petition to no. 10. I've also sent donations to the Sefton Hotel, the Legal Fund and the IT Fund. And I'm prepared to come to London for a protest march if it's organised.

    Posted by grandmaparis on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 17:33
    I was sorry to read about the

    I was sorry to read about the outcome of your metting with your MP. I and one or two others in the Derbyshire group also feel the same as you in that we were not given the opportunity to withdraw our funds prior to the Kaupthing takeover which was forced onto us. (Would you add your story onto the nivit thread as he is trying to gauge how many there are of us) I personally feel we were horribly misled. I am still badgering the Derbyshire and now the Nationwide. I would be interested to know how your MP gets on in his quest on this. It took me a while to get my own MP to understand what I was driving at, but he is now sort of on my wavelength.

    Posted by steve on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 17:31
    We don't lobby MPs anymore.

    We don't lobby MPs anymore. Being in France, our couple of emails to the MP where we would be entitled to vote were met with a fairly predicable response. The MP is on the verge of retiring and probably has a touch of term-end-ditus; knows that his seat is perfectly safe (a safe seat for the Tories thanks to the Countryside Alliance), and has nothing to gain from making any noise about our plight.

    We (husband and I) have posted a number of comments in response to relevant news reports. Most have gone unpublished. I have posted comments on various ex-pat forums, but people not affected by our crisis are obviously not going to make any noise on our behalf.

    We do not have the financial means to travel to the UK to attend demonstrations and other meetings, and I have a full time job (for the moment) which I'm desperately trying to hang onto because without it, our financial situation will go from ruined to truly desperate. During working hours, my body and soul belong to the company!

    We are nevertheless extremely grateful to those who are fighting our corner, as well as to those involved in keeping this website going, and our thoughts are constantly with those whose situation is more desperate than ours. Hubby and I often fantasise about winning a large lottery and solving all Kaupthing victims' problems and doing some serious damage to the people who have caused this, and have shown so little compassion for our plight! It lifts our spirits just a little

    Posted by Honest Citizen on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 17:21
    On Friday 5th December, I had

    On Friday 5th December, I had my third meeting with my MP. His view is Govt is trying to wash their hands of KSFIOM. He has written three times to Darling but received no response and so will submit a written question next week. I'm pressing him to lobby for a political solution - similar to Diver's suggestion whereby UK loans IOM £550mio to repay investors and IOM pays interest out of compensation fund. My MP is very unhappy with FSA and FSC and takes the view that investors like me who first investeed in Derbyshire IOM were investing in a UK bank (by virtue of the guarantee) and not in an offshore bank that was unconnected with the UK. He is also looking into whether Derbyshire IOM investors should have been able to vote on the transfer to KSF when there was no option to withdraw funds in long term deposits at the time of the transfer to KSF. My MP says somewhere we have to find a chink in the defense and somehow get the UK to take on responsibility for return of full funds...

    We've potentially lost most of our lifesavings through this ordeal. It's a complete nightmare, but we're very grateful for this website and all the hard work by so many people. Please keep lobbying your MP - there is cross-party support.

    Posted by ianw on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 17:12
    Hi, Please let me know where


    Please let me know where we are in the vain attempt to retrieve the loot so many of us lost to those brilliant 'financial advisors' in KFS.

    Thanks Alastair

    Posted by IOMwhatajoke on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 17:11
    In the last three days I have

    In the last three days I have emailed the chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, my MP again, added comments to two Daily Mail blogs and one Daily Telegraph. Words are our best action and it makes me feel better doing something. It is not much to ask all members to send a few emails every few days to keep on the pressure. Most influential people meaure the importance of issues by the number of mails received.
    My hope is that Mike Simpson is a typical accontant - an awful communicator but quietly arranging for the sale of the bank. Just a hope!!

    Posted by sambururob on Sun, 07/12/2008 - 16:58