Has the DAG changed its objective of 100% return for depositors?

Time is short and the question is simple vote now!
Yes I am willing to accept a compromise such as a 65% return from a SoA
2% (4 votes)
No I want to press the IoM government for a 100% return by all means possible
96% (181 votes)
Dont know
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 189
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I don't need this sarcasm. I

I don't need this sarcasm. I am simply making clear what I feel: that I think that the means should be discussed, and that I do not wish to be associated with any means that I do not feel comfortable with. That is my prerogative.

Posted by Hoping and coping on Fri, 30/01/2009 - 03:41
Well you had better give up

Well you had better give up your expectation now then.

Do you expect the committee to send a nice posy of spring flowers to the IoM, and the IoM will magic our deposits back? All means possible means seeing people being outed -

I couldn't care less about seeing anyone being twisted a bit if it gets us our money back.

Amazing, 65% but we all send each other Xmas cards, or 100% and twist a few bits off - I know which one I would go for.

Posted by Captain Mainwaring on Fri, 30/01/2009 - 03:30
I have voted. We want and

I have voted. We want and need and expect a 100% return of our funds. I cannot accept the "by all means possible", phrase, however - by all appropriate means, these to be discussed?

Posted by Hoping and coping on Fri, 30/01/2009 - 03:19
We are the mugs here, only

We are the mugs here, only loan we ever had was on a car,so we will pay for peoples hedonistic lifestyle over the yrs, nice one, their big homes, big cars, private jets,extravagant lifestyles while we banked for the rainy days. Who is being sentenced we are, what world are we living in? is this common sense that our funds have been taken away. How would they like it if their funds were in there, those politicians who are deciding our futures, our misery, there would be swift action, we have not been fighting this enough, we have been an easy win for them all three of them. Or are we going to accept this ?

Posted by hippychickrobbed on Tue, 27/01/2009 - 11:13
Here's the true definition a

Here's the true definition a the word 'Bank'

An institution for receiving depositors money and using that capital to lend 30-40 times as much (leverage) to friends and family who want to buy high street shops, football clubs and overprice property.

Posted by dawes on Tue, 27/01/2009 - 11:06
Hear Hear, Swiss - we also

Hear Hear, Swiss - we also have worked all our lives for our savings. If all the people working on the papers for SOA or DCS then, in my opinion, they have wasted their time and energy for nothing. We want 100% back or they can stick their papers.

Posted by merlina on Mon, 26/01/2009 - 17:07
Here's the definition of the

Here's the definition of the word "bank"

an institution for receiving, lending, exchanging, and safeguarding money and, in some cases, issuing notes and transacting other financial business

Notice the work "safeguarding". No mention of a bank being an institution that loses money. My parents put 50 yrs worth of money of sheer graft in that bank, therefore it's their right to get it back. 100%

Posted by chd on Mon, 26/01/2009 - 16:34