Forums and Groups restructure?

Background and objectives: 

The forums are something of a legacy form the original basic site configuration. I believe groups work far better. For example they better facilitate teamwork, and permit more precise control of the notifications feature.

I am not convinced that our current use of forums and groups is optimal, and suggest that one of the first two following options should be implemented (these headings are as same as the voting choices, in the same order) ...

  • Remove "forums" leaving only "groups", prevent posting to "all members"

By posting a "forum" topic, the post and any resulting comments are visible to all members, and may be emailed out to all members, depending on individual member's notifications settings. This provides a way for any member to potentially communicate with all other members. Posting within the all members group amounts to the same.

  • Remove "forums" leaving only "groups", permit posting to "all members"

Removing forums and keeping groups would mean that you would only see content on the site if it were posted within a group that you had joined.

  • Remove "forums" leaving only "groups", permit posting to "all members"

As above, but you would also see anything that had been posted into the all members group, which any member would be allowed to do.

  • Keep everything as is

Currently forums exist and all members posts can be made by any member.

Remove "forums" leaving only "groups", prevent posting to "all members"
4% (3 votes)
Remove "forums" leaving only "groups", permit posting to "all members"
11% (8 votes)
Keep forums but prevent posting to all members
5% (4 votes)
Keep everything as is
80% (59 votes)
Total votes: 74
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To add... This is related to

To add... This is related to fact that not everyone wants to see all content here. By opting to join groups, people have a lot more control over what they see, and they would typically only see content posted by people in those groups - there are exceptions, as group content can be set public and/or can be posted into multiple groups.

There could be an "anything goes" group that people who wanted to engage in such conversations. Otherwise, with suitable groups in place, members could far easily choose what type of topics to read, and who to talk to. If you think about it, posting to all members could be consider somewhat like spam.

Posted by ng on Sun, 31/05/2009 - 23:02