Is co-operation between DST and PPD the way forward to recover 100% of deposits?

Background and objectives: 

To solicite the overall view of ordinary DAG members, a year on from the collapse of KSFIOM, as to whether full recovery of deposits will be achieved by a co-operative strategy between the DST and PPD.

90% (62 votes)
10% (7 votes)
Total votes: 69
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As an observation, maybe this

As an observation, maybe this is the wrong question. Collaboration between these two groups is unlikely to be the way to recover 100%. If you want to change the poll question, let me know and I'll edit it.

Posted by ng on Mon, 12/10/2009 - 09:54
We mustn't let the arseholes

We mustn't let the arseholes out there who've conspired to lose us our life savings get away with this. We must unite and just focus on the main objective - 100% for all depositors (incl the Isle of Man govt)

Posted by uptight61 on Sat, 10/10/2009 - 00:58
Well said Glen. Its in

Well said Glen.
Its in inconceivable to me that anyone could vote no on such an important subject.
It is obvious to anyone who considers the good of the whole it would be better for everyone to work together for the common good.
If anyone has a GOOD reason for not wanting the two groups to work together perhaps they would care to explain it?

Posted by bellyup on Fri, 09/10/2009 - 07:15

COOPERATION IS VERY IMPORTANT : I feel cooperation will be VERY important to achieving the goal of full or even maximal possible recovery from funds technically accessible to the liquidator. It is a shame that there is apparently bad blood between the DST faction and the HNW >50k , PPD or whatever we call them. The reason for this is best known to those in both leadership groups who have NEVERTHELESS contributed very significantly to our cause. Precipitating the liquidation was a very important step forward and those of us who are in the process of receiving their DCS allocation would not be in that position yet but for the combined thrust , both of DST the then HNW.

For those with funds beyond the DCS amount , the hard work to maximising the outcome for all is still ahead. This will be achieved through the work of the Creditors Committee with the Liquidator and the Court . Any help all of us can give towards providing insights potentially leading to uncovered treasure will be important. There should be an OPEN AVENUE for people with ideas ( perhaps through insights into the legal system behind liquidation ) to offer suggestions to those volunteer depositors now tasked with guiding the liquidation process on the Creditor's Committee.

There should NEVER have been bad blood between those with lesser and greater amounts on deposit because ALL stand to gain from successfully building up the amounts accessible to the LIQUIDATOR for distribution. It does not matter how large or small (above 50k) . A small additional refund of say 5k for someone with a lesser deposit can be just as important to them as 100 k is to a higher net worth depositor . Therefore each of us left in the race stands to gain from COOPERATION and WORKING TOGETHER.

There may be something to gain from further public relations and work with politicians, as a back room technical sort of guy I do not know!

If ill-gotten loans to KFS (Kaupthing ) insiders can be recovered there may be a lot to share. The latest press detailing the whereabouts of Kaupthing Directors who were in receipt of apparently insider loans , suggests they should be followed up and hunted down - if it can be shown there is any wrong -doing or an action resulting in receipt of a preference against other creditors of the banks.

So please , all concerned, top fighting. Although not in the top Value-class, I for one appreciate the clear cold logic applied by Gavin in his approach to communication, and the clear reporting of creditors meetings he has been thoughtful enough to supply. For those of us in remote places "out in the sticks" , any substantive news is both vital and encouraging.

SO BATTLE ON ALL and for all our sakes STICK TOGETHER .

Posted by Wombat761 on Fri, 09/10/2009 - 01:30