**ATTENTION ALL DAG MEMBERS** - Have you contacted your MP to support the Early Day Motion by sending a letter?

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Background and objectives: 

This poll is to assess the response for a request for ALL DAG members to contact their MP's, to request their support for the Early Day Motion. Please follow this link to explain why we need support from ALL DAG members, both those still awaiting their desposits and those who may have already had a 100% return from the EPS or DCS - http://chat.ksfiomdepositors.org/blog-entry/important-and-urgent-give-us...

I have sent a private letter to my MP
15% (6 votes)
I have sent the first template letter, for support of the EDM, to my MP
33% (13 votes)
I have sent both the first and second template letter, for support of the EDM, to my MP
23% (9 votes)
I don't intend sending any letters to my MP
13% (5 votes)
I feel I have no MP's to send any letters to.
18% (7 votes)
I intend to write a letter to the officials or MP's of my choice, for support for the EDM
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 40
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For those with no M.P.

For those with no M.P. contact - suggested contacts


Many have been expatriate for a good while and may be outside the 15 year point, in which you can maintain a vote within the UK. If so you may like to send your letter, to raise a MP's support for the Early Day Motion, to either Mark Hogan MP (Fareham) who has been designated by David Cameron (CON) to look after this issue or to Roger Gale MP (Thanet) who seems to have championed expat issues in the past and certainly had the KSFIOM issue on his website. Their contacts are:

Mark Hogan M.P. www.markhogan.com Email - mail(?)markhoban [dot] com

Roger Gale M.P. www.rogergale.com Email - galerj(?)parliament [dot] uk

Good luck

Posted by glen07 on Tue, 12/01/2010 - 22:14