Are we ready for a London Demo yet?

Douglas demo had 40 odd folk deserving all out thanks. Now for London?
Background and objectives: 

The IoM demonstration had the effect of getting our voices heard on some media outlets (The PM program coup was fantastic). It looks to have even triggered the IoM Government into a degree of panic beforehand with them putting out 'diversionary' media propaganda. Now, we need to target London. The UK Government are key to this whole affair and have the power and resources (including our £552 Million) to resolve it overnight. We cant drum-up large-scale sending of correspondance to MPs - for whatever reason - and as such MPs still consider us tax dodgers.

So, how much support is there for a demonstration in London?

The Met Police say that London is getting booked up for demo's as Spring comes along, so if a London demonstration is to take place then and it has less that 1000 taking a nice stroll then it will just blend in with the rest and probably only make page 12 of the Evening Standard. So, if we get widescale strong support for this then we can make it happen; if not then back to the drawing board. So, votes please...:-)

Yes, bring it on and I will definately be they.
26% (36 votes)
Yes, sooner the better but cant promise I will be there.
45% (63 votes)
Yes, kinda
2% (3 votes)
Not fussed, i see it as a gesture but thats about it
14% (19 votes)
No, demo's dont really achieve much
9% (13 votes)
You must be joking! What is the point of that!?
4% (6 votes)
Total votes: 140
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