UK Political Contacts


We need to make sure that MP's in-boxes get filled with our cries! Not only that, but faxes, phone and snail-mail. The front line team have asked us to up the political onslaught and so we should support them as much as possible! Don't just send the odd one to an MP, send to many MPs and then tomorrow repeat the exercise - but don't stop!!

Please try to be pleasant. Many of us are hitting the ground hard right now; we understand that (even if the UK Gov don't), but if we start getting 'unfriendly' towards them it will just alienate us. So, for all our sakes, please try to stay nice. If it doesn't work, I will be one of the first to end 'nice', believe me!!

Remember, your MP represents you in Parliament. (S)he in turn wants your support/vote.

In addition to giving her/him 'the facts' as per Driver's notes, it would make it very personal, specific & attention grabbing if you tell your MP how it has affected you personally. It might be best to do this as a separate letter (or e-mail).

Remember, (s)he might want to read it out in the House of Commons, so keep it short, factual, & hard-hitting.

Close by pleading something like: "Hitherto I have never had to turn to you for help , but do so now, desperately anxious to believe that you will truly represent me in my hour of need. PLEASE do everything in your power as my MP to help put right this terrible & immoral injustice that has taken away my independence & ruined my life"

Find your MP

A web based service from that allows you to locate your MP (e.g. from your post code) and then write an email directly. Click here to access the service.

Lists of email addresses

These are the definitive lists for sending of emails to MPs and MEPs. Please only send emails to addresses contained in these lists (See Important Request). If you do find further addresses that you feel should be on the list, please forward to (Diver) or (Teapot) for possible inclusion in the lists.

Please do not 'bulk-send' to these contacts, but write individually and personally. Do not use abusive or offensive language as, ultimately, these are the people who can really help. But above all, please keep emailing them. Further physical contact addresses and fax numbers will be posted soon. However, if we are all sending emails it will be difficult for them to 'filter' out if they wish - so lets ALL keep sending.

When/If you do receive replies from the contacts and you wish to make these replies public, please post in the Replies forum (Click Here).