UK Contacts (Conservative Party)

This is the definative list (Conservatives) for sending of emails to MPs and MEPs. Please only send emails to addresses below (See Important Request). If you do find further addresses that you feel should be on the list, please forward to Diver or Teapot.

Afriyie Adam (Mr Afriyie) adam [dot] afriyie(?)connect [dot] co [dot] uk
Ainsworth Peter (Mr Ainsworth) kyprianouc(?)parliament [dot] uk
Ancram Michael (Mr Ancram) ancramm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Arbuthnot James (Mr Arbuthnot) arbuthnotj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Bacon Richard (Mr Bacon) baconr(?)parliament [dot] uk
Barker Gregory (Mr Barker) office(?)bbca [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk
Bellingham Henry (Mr Bellingham) bellinghamh(?)parliament [dot] uk
Bercow John (Mr Bercow) bercowj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Beresford Paul (Sir Paul) dukem(?)parliament [dot] uk
Binley Brian (Mr Binley) brian [dot] binley(?)brianbinley [dot] com
Bone Peter (Mr Bone) wrca(?)tory [dot] org
Boswell Tim (Mr Boswell) HodgesM(?)parliament [dot] uk
Brokenshire James (Mr Brokenshire) action(?)actionforhornchurch [dot] com
Browning Angela (Mrs Browning) browningaf(?)parliament [dot] uk
Burns Simon (Mr Burns) office(?)westchelmsfordconservatives [dot] com
Burt Alistair (Mr Burt) burta(?)parliament [dot] uk
Cameron David (Mr Cameron) camerond(?)parliament [dot] uk
Carswell Douglas (Mr Carswell) douglas [dot] carswell(?)email [dot] com
Chope Christopher (Mr Chope) office(?)christchurchconservatives [dot] com
Clappison James (Mr Clappison) James [dot] Clappison(?)tory-herts [dot] org
Clark Greg (Mr Clark) twca(?)btinternet [dot] com
Clarke Kenneth (Mr Clarke) clarkek(?)parliament [dot] uk
Clifton-Brown Geoffrey (Mr Clifton-Brown) gcb(?)gcbmp [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk
Cox Geoffrey (Mr Cox) office(?)westdevonconservatives [dot] com
Davis David (Mr Davis) davisd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Djanogly Jonathan (Mr Djanogly) djanoglyj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Dorrell Stephen (Mr Dorrell) robinsonle(?)parliament [dot] uk
Dorries Nadine (Mrs Dorries) admin(?)midbedsconservatives [dot] com
Duddridge James (Mr Duddridge) email(?)jamesduddridge [dot] com
Duncan Alan (Mr Duncan) duncana(?)parliament [dot] uk
Duncan Smith Iain (Mr Duncan Smith) ids(?)conservatives [dot] com
Dunne Philip (Mr Dunne) Pdunne(?)netcomuk [dot] co [dot] uk
Evennett David (Mr Evennett) bexleyheath-crayford(?)tory [dot] org
Field Mark (Mr Field) halcyon(?)eburyst [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk
Forth Eric (Mr Forth) gordon [dot] jenkins(?)bromley [dot] gov [dot] uk
Fox Liam (Dr Fox) admin(?)woodspringconservatives [dot] com
Francois Mark (Mr Francois) chairman(?)rayleighconservatives [dot] org [dot] uk
Fraser Christopher (Mr Fraser) swnca(?)tory [dot] org
Gale Roger (Mr Gale) galerj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Garnier Edward (Mr Garnier) garniere(?)parliament [dot] uk
Gauke David (Mr Gauke) david(?)davidgauke [dot] com
Gibb Nick (Mr Gibb) dicksond(?)parliament [dot] uk
Gillan Cheryl (Mrs Gillan) gillanc(?)parliament [dot] uk
Goodman Paul (Mr Goodman) goodmanp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Goodwill Robert (Mr Goodwill) robert(?)robertgoodwill [dot] co [dot] uk
Gray James (Mr Gray) jamesgray [dot] mp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Grayling Chris (Mr Grayling) graylingc(?)parliament [dot] uk
Green Damian (Mr Green) dgreen6268(?)aol [dot] com
Greening Justine (Ms Greening) justinegreening(?)putneyconservatives [dot] com
Gummer John (Mr Gummer) gummerj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Hague William (Mr Hague) whague(?)conservative-party [dot] org [dot] uk
Hammond Philip (Mr Hammond) hammondp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Hammond Stephen (Mr Hammond) stephen [dot] hammond(?)wimbledonconservatives [dot] org [dot] uk
Hands Greg (Mr Hands) mail(?)greghands [dot] com
Harper Mark (Mr Harper) mark(?)markharper [dot] org
Hayes John (Mr Hayes) sthhollanddeepings(?)btopenworld [dot] com
Heald Oliver (Mr Heald) healdo(?)parliament [dot] uk
Heathcoat-Amory David (Mr Heathcoat-Amory) david(?)wells [dot] tory [dot] org [dot] uk
Hendry Charles (Mr Hendry) peter(?)wealden [dot] tory [dot] org [dot] uk
Herbert Nick (Mr Herbert) nick(?)nickherbert [dot] com
Hoban Mark (Mr Hoban) mail(?)markhoban [dot] com
Hogg Douglas (Mr Hogg) hoggd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Hollobone Philip (Mr Hollobone) philiphollobone(?)btconnect [dot] com
Holloway Adam (Mr Holloway) adamholloway(?)ntlworld [dot] com
Howard Michael (Mr Howard) howardm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Hunt Jeremy (Mr Hunt) Jeremy(?)localconservatives [dot] org
Hurd Nick (Mr Hurd) nick(?)nickhurd [dot] com
Jack Michael (Mr Jack) michaeljackmp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Jackson Stewart (Mr Jackson) pboro(?)tory [dot] org
Jenkin Bernard (Mr Jenkin) jenkinb(?)parliament [dot] uk
Johnson Boris (Mr Johnson) johnsonb(?)parliament [dot] uk
Jones David (Mr Jones) davidjones(?)clwydwest [dot] org [dot] uk
Kawczynski Daniel (Mr Kawczynski) DanielKawczynski(?)aol [dot] com
Knight Greg (Mr Knight) secretary(?)gregknight [dot] com
Laing Eleanor (Mrs Laing) sheererk(?)parliament [dot] uk
Lait Jacqui (Mrs Lait) jacquilaitmp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Lancaster Mark (Mr Lancaster) Mark [dot] Lancaster(?)mkconservatives [dot] org
Lansley Andrew (Mr Lansley) lansleya(?)parliament [dot] uk
Letwin Oliver (Mr Letwin) charlesa(?)parliament [dot] uk
Lewis Julian (Dr Lewis) nfeca(?)aol [dot] com
Liddell-Grainger Ian (Mr Liddell-Grainger) bbca(?)bridgwest [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk
Lidington David (Mr Lidington) richardsmall(?)atlesbury [dot] tory [dot] org [dot] uk
Lilley Peter (Mr Lilley) peter [dot] lilley(?)tory-herts [dot] org
Luff Peter (Mr Luff) luffpj(?)parliament [dot] uk
MacKay Andrew (Mr MacKay) bracknellca(?)tory [dot] org
Maclean David (Mr Maclean) homcleish(?)stinternet [dot] com
Main Anne (Ms Main) mainanne(?)aol [dot] com
Maples John (Mr Maples) maplesj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Maude Francis (Mr Maude) office(?)horshamconservatives [dot] com
McLoughlin Patrick (Mr McLoughlin) mcloughlinp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Mercer Patrick (Mr Mercer) patrick(?)mercer95 [dot] fsnet [dot] co [dot] uk
Moss Malcolm (Mr Moss) mossm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Mundell David (Mr Mundell) david(?)davidmundell [dot] com
Murrison Andrew (Dr Murrison) murrisona(?)parliament [dot] uk
Newmark Brooks (Mr Newmark) brooksnewmark(?)braintreeconservatives [dot] co [dot] uk
Osborne George (Mr Osborne) tatton(?)tory [dot] org
Ottaway Richard (Mr Ottaway) ottawayrgj(?)parliament [dot] uk
O'Brien Stephen (Mr O'Brien) obriens(?)parliament [dot] uk
Paice James (Mr Paice) paicejet(?)parliament [dot] uk
Paterson Owen (Mr Paterson) owenpatersonmp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Penning Michael (Mr Penning) mike(?)penning4hemel [dot] com
Penrose John (Mr Penrose) john [dot] penrose(?)weston-conservatives [dot] co [dot] uk
Pickles Eric (Mr Pickles) picklese(?)parliament [dot] uk
Prisk Mark (Mr Prisk) hunterj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Pritchard Mark (Mr Pritchard) mark(?)shropshiretories [dot] com
Redwood John (Mr Redwood) redwoodj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Rifkind Malcolm (Sir Malcolm) office(?)kcca [dot] org [dot] uk
Robertson Laurence (Mr Robertson) laurajnidge(?)aol [dot] com
Ruffley David (Mr Ruffley) davidruffleymp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Selous Andrew (Mr Selous) toriessebeds(?)tory [dot] org
Shapps Grant (Mr Shapps) grant(?)shapps [dot] com
Simmonds Mark (Mr Simmonds) mark [dot] simmondsmp(?)virgin [dot] net
Simpson Keith (Mr Simpson) keithsimpsonmp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Spelman Caroline (Mrs Spelman) caroline(?)carolinespelman [dot] com
Spicer Michael (Sir Michael) wwca(?)compuserve [dot] com
Spring Richard (Mr Spring) pippayoung(?)callnetuk [dot] com
Stanley John (Sir John) stanleyj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Steen Anthony (Mr Steen) steena(?)parliament [dot] uk
Streeter Gary (Mr Streeter) mail(?)garystreeter [dot] co [dot] uk
Swayne Desmond (Mr Swayne) Desmondswayne(?)hotmail [dot] com
Swire Hugo (Mr Swire) jgcob(?)globalnet [dot] co [dot] uk
Syms Robert (Mr Syms) agent(?)poole [dot] tory [dot] org [dot] uk
Tapsell Peter (Sir Peter) landh(?)torylouth [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
Taylor Ian (Mr Taylor) taylori(?)parliament [dot] uk
Tredinnick David (Mr Tredinnick) tredinnickkd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Turner Andrew (Mr Turner) mail(?)islandmp [dot] com
Tyrie Andrew (Mr Tyrie) marsha(?)parliament [dot] uk
Vara Shailesh (Mr Vara) NWCCA(?)tory [dot] org
Villiers Theresa (Mrs Villiers) theresa(?)theresavilliers [dot] co [dot] uk
Walker Charles (Mr Walker) charles(?)charleswalker [dot] org
Waterson Nigel (Mr Waterson) nigelwatersonmp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Watkinson Angela (Ms Watkinson) Watkinsona(?)parliament [dot] uk
Widdecombe Ann (Ms Widdecombe) nichollg(?)parliament [dot] uk
Wiggin Bill (Mr Wiggin) votewiggin(?)hotmail [dot] com
Willetts David (Mr Willetts) willettsd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Yeo Tim (Mr Yeo) timyeomp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Young George (Sir George) sirgeorge(?)sirgeorgeyoung [dot] org [dot] uk
Atkinson Peter (Mr Atkinson) hexham(?)tory [dot] org
Benyon Richard (Mr Benyon) rbenyon(?)wbca [dot] org [dot] uk
Bottomley Peter (Mr Bottomley) bottomleyp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Burrowes David (Mr Burrowes) david(?)escatory [dot] org
Crabb Stephen (Mr Crabb) stephencrabb(?)pembrokeshireconservatives [dot] com
Davies Philip (Mr Davies) philipdavies(?)shipleyconservatives [dot] fsnet [dot] co [dot] uk
Key Robert (Mr Key) rob(?)robertkey [dot] com
Malins Humfrey (Mr Malins) mail(?)wcca [dot] org [dot] uk
Miller Maria (Ms Miller) mail(?)mariamiller [dot] co [dot] uk
Randall John (Mr Randall) randallj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Scott Lee (Mr Scott) office(?)ilfordleytoncons [dot] tory [dot] org
Wilshire David (Mr Wilshire) secretary(?)scca [dot] org [dot] uk
Winterton Ann (Ms Winterton) awinterton(?)riverside14 [dot] fsnet [dot] co [dot] uk
Baron John (Mr Baron) ajball(?)blueyonder [dot] co [dot] uk
Butterfill John (Sir John) butterfillj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Conway Derek (Mr Conway) conwayd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Davies David (Mr Davies) daviesd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Ellwood Tobias (Mr Ellwood) tobias [dot] ellwood(?)connect [dot] co [dot] uk
Gove Michael (Mr Gove) michael(?)michaelgove [dot] com
Horam John (Mr Horam) jrhoram(?)aol [dot] com
Kirkbride Julie (Miss Kirkbride) office(?)bromsgrove [dot] tory [dot] org
Loughton Tim (Mr Loughton) loughtont(?)parliament [dot] uk
Mates Michael (Mr Mates) Office [dot] nehca(?)pop3 [dot] hiway [dot] co [dot] uk
Milton Anne (Ms Milton) anne(?)annemilton [dot] com
Rosindell Andrew (Mr Rosindell) andrew(?)andrew1 [dot] tory [dot] org [dot] uk
Spink Bob (Mr Spink) cpa(?)cwcom [dot] net
Vaizey Edward (Mr Vaizey) vaizeye(?)parliament [dot] uk
Wallace Ben (Mr Wallace) lancasterwyre(?)tory [dot] org
Walter Robert (Mr Walter) walterr(?)parliament [dot] uk
Whittingdale John (Mr Whittingdale) jwhittingdale [dot] mp(?)email [dot] tory [dot] org [dot] uk
Winterton Nicholas (Sir Nicholas) mca(?)tory [dot] org [dot] uk
Evans Nigel (Mr Evans) nigel(?)nigelmp [dot] com
Amess David (Mr Amess) amessd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Baldry Tony (Mr Baldry) baldryt(?)parliament [dot] uk
Blunt Crispin (Mr Blunt) crispbluntmp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Brady Graham (Mr Brady) crowthers(?)parliament [dot] uk
Brazier Julian (Mr Brazier) brazierj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Cash William (Mr Cash) cashw(?)parliament [dot] uk
Curry David (Mr Curry) currydm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Davies Quentin (Mr Davies) quentin [dot] davies(?)gmail [dot] com
Fabricant Michael (Mr Fabricant) fabricantm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Fallon Michael (Mr Fallon) fallonm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Greenway John (Mr Greenway) greenwayj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Grieve Dominic (Mr Grieve) grieved(?)parlaiment [dot] uk
Leigh Edward (Mr Leigh) leighe(?)parliament [dot] uk
McIntosh Anne (Ms McIntosh) mcintosha(?)parliament [dot] uk
Robathan Andrew (Mr Robathan) conservative(?)blaby [dot] force9 [dot] co [dot] uk
Soames Nicholas (Mr Soames) soamesn(?)parliament [dot] uk
Viggers Peter (Mr Viggers) goscons(?)aol [dot] com
May Theresa (Ms May) mayt(?)parliament [dot] uk