Contacts (Other Parties)

This is the definative list (Misc) for sending of emails to MPs and MEPs. Please only send emails to addresses below (See Important Request). If you do find further addresses that you feel should be on the list, please forward to Diver or Teapot.

Adams Gerry (Mr Adams) sfadmin(?)eircom [dot] net
Bailey Adrian (Mr Bailey) baileya(?)parliament [dot] uk
Davidson Ian (Mr Davidson) daviandavidsonmp(?)parliament [dot] uk
Dobbin Jim (Mr Dobbin) dobbinj(?)parliament [dot] uk
Doherty Pat (Mr Doherty) info(?)sinnfein [dot] org
Drew David (Mr Drew) drewd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Durkan Mark (Mr Durkan) sdlp(?)indigo [dot] ie
Ellman Louise (Mrs Ellman) l-ellman(?)the-commons [dot] com
Galloway George (Mr Galloway) gallowayg(?)parliament [dot] uk
Gapes Mike (Mr Gapes) gapesm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Gildernew Michelle (Ms Gildernew) info(?)sinnfein [dot] org
Gilroy Linda (Ms Gilroy) gilroyb(?)parliament [dot] uk
Hendrick Mark (Mr Hendrick) nonehendrickm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Hermon Sylvia (Lady Hermon) uup(?)uup [dot] org
Hope Phil (Mr Hope) hopep(?)parliament [dot] uk
Hosie Stewart (Mr Hosie) stewart [dot] hosie [dot] mp(?)dundeesnp [dot] org
Keen Alan (Mr Keen) keena(?)parliament [dot] uk
Lazarowicz Mark (Mr Lazarowicz) lazarowiczm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Lepper David (Mr Lepper) brighton [dot] labour(?)btinternet [dot] com
Love Andrew (Mr Love) AndyLoveMP(?)AOL [dot] com
MacNeil Angus (Mr MacNeil) AngusBrendan(?)gearasdan [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk
McAvoy Thomas (Mr McAvoy) enquiries(?)tommymcavoy [dot] org [dot] uk
McFall John (Mr McFall) mcfallj(?)parliament [dot] uk
McGrady Eddie (Mr McGrady) e [dot] mcgrady(?)sdlp [dot] ie
McGuinness Martin (Mr McGuinness) info(?)sinnfein [dot] org
Michael Alun (Mr Michael) michaela(?)parliament [dot] uk
Munn Meg (Ms Munn) munnm(?)parliament [dot] uk
Murphy Conor (Mr Murphy) info(?)sinnfein [dot] org
Naysmith Doug (Dr Naysmith) naysmithd(?)parliament [dot] uk
Price Adam (Mr Price) pricea(?)parliament [dot] uk
Purchase Ken (Mr Purchase) ken [dot] purchase(?)cwmcom [dot] net
Reed Andy (Mr Reed) Andrew [dot] Reed(?)geo2 [dot] poptel [dot] org [dot] uk
Robertson Angus (Mr Robertson) info(?)angus-robertson [dot] org [dot] uk
Salmond Alex (Mr Salmond) asmp [dot] peterhead(?)snp [dot] org [dot] uk
Sheerman Barry (Mr Sheerman) sheermanb(?)parliament [dot] uk
Taylor David (Mr Taylor) lp-centi(?)geo2 [dot] poptel [dot] org [dot] uk
Touhig Don (Mr Touhig) don(?)dontouhig [dot] org [dot] uk
Weir Michael (Mr Weir) weirn(?)parliament [dot] uk
Wishart Pete (Mr Wishart) pw(?)pwishart [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk