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Group (all members)

Group for all registered members on our site.

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Group * Bonds

Group for bond holders

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Group * Depositors buy-out

A "buy the bank" idea promoted by podcarson and others

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Group * Direct Action

Group for people to discuss protest marches and similar actions

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Group * IFA Action

For those who may be be considering action against their IFA

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Group * In-flight funds

Group for those with in-flight funds

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Group * Non-UK Citizens

Group for those who are not UK citizens

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Group * Over 500,000

Group for people with funds deposited of 500,000 or more

Anonymous 37 Join
Group * Pensioners

Group for pensioners and those representing their needs

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Group * Up to 250,000

Group for people with funds deposited of between 50,000 and 250,000 thereabouts

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Group * Up to 50,000

Group for people with funds deposited of up to 50,000 or thereabouts

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Group * Up to 500,000

Group for people with funds deposited of between 250,000 and 500,000 thereabouts

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Project Advertise our need for banking facilities

Place a small advert in FT and circulate content to banks and press

Anonymous 1 Join

Bumper stickers for cars/ walls/

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Group Derbyshire BS

Group for people with funds through the Derbyshire BS

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Group Focus

Group for people who can focus on defining objectives and strategies

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Group Foreign Currency Account Holders

For those with US$ and Euro accounts to discuss issues

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Group Funding and Donations

Members able to contribute financially to our cause

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Group Geo: Australia

Geographical group for Australia

Anonymous 9 Join
Group Geo: Canada

Geographical group for Canada

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Group Geo: Channel Islands

Geographical group for the Channel Islands

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Group Geo: France

Geographical group for France

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Group Geo: Hong Kong

Geographical group for Hong Kong

Anonymous 3 Join
Group Geo: Isle of Man

Geographical group for Isle of Man

Anonymous 5 Join
Group Geo: MiddleEast

Geographical group for the Middle East

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Group Geo: Portugal

Geographical group for Portugal

Anonymous 1 Join
Group Geo: SouthAfrica

Geographical group for South Africa

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Group Geo: Spain

Geographical group for Spain

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Group Geo: Switzerland

Geographical group for Switzerland

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Group Geo: Thailand

Geographical group for Thailand

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Group Geo: UK Birmingham

Geographical group for UK Birmingham area

Anonymous 2 Join
Group Geo: UK London

Geographical group for UK London area

Anonymous 10 1 Join
Group Geo: UK Manchester

Geographical group for UK Manchester area

Anonymous 1 1 Join
Group Geo: UK North East

Geographical group for UK North East

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Group Geo: USA

Geographical group for the USA

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Group Group Managers

Mainly information and help about how to manage your Group

ng 5 1 Request membership
Group HM Forces Personnel - Current or Ex

Current or previously serving HM Forces personnel caught in the KSF IOM issue.

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Group IT People

Group for IT professionals to assist here.

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Group KSFIOMD Broke'n'Lonely Hearts Club

I am not sure where this is leading

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Project Maintain "actions and tasks" list

Team to define and maintain suggested "actions and tasks" for members

ng 5 1 Request membership
Group Media / Press Releases

Group exclusively for media contacts and our PR department

ng 6 1 Request membership
Group Movers and shakers

People who are willing and able to put in work

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Group Norwich Union

Group for people with funds through NU

Anonymous 3 Join
Group Polls & Surveys

Trying to get more useful figures and statistics

ng 24 1 Join
Project Project system

Needs analysis and design for a system to collaboratively work on DAG projects

ng 1 1 Request membership
Project Protest songs and Viral Videos

Group to write, record and produce songs and videos, primarily targetting YouTube

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Group Site Editors

For discussion among editors, or for flagging things for their attention

ng 31 1 Request membership
Group Skandia

All Skandia related

Anonymous 18 Join
Group Small Businesses

Small businesses affected

Anonymous 4 1 Join
Project Take-over of web-sites

Form a plan for the future management of DAG web-sites

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Group TSC Meeting 3/2/09

Group for people who are going to the meeting

Anonymous 1 Join
Group UK Voters

If you vote in the UK, please do join this group! (even if you are in more localised groups already)

Anonymous 12 1 Join
Project Viral email

Write one or more messages to be used as "viral email"

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Project Website Support Team

A group to establish a team of people to help with the DAG ( websites

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