I think we should be sharing Information on our IFA Action

Dear All,

As far as I can tell we ara all at different stages in this IFA Action Group:

Some are waiting to see what happens to the Bank, before persuing their IFA

Some have made a formal complaint and are either waiting a reply or have already had a "complaint not upheld reply"

Some are at the stage of going to the FOS because of the above.

Some are taking direct legal action.

I think we should be sharing more information between us as a group so that we can use everyone's knowledge gained from all our experiences and advice.

I am perfectly happy to share my complaint and responses etc with everyone, preferably by email

Does everyone agree?

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private action

i do not see how it would be possible to share information regarding private action. each case will be different. and i am not sure if the information and conversations between my solicitor and me are confidential. why would i possibly want to share them? they may not be relevant to another case. and they are so complicated that it is taking all our time to look after ourselves and collect our own information.

i am sure it is better to go your own private way with your own case.

Posted by barbarajee on Sun, 18/01/2009 - 16:04