New Letter to Write!! Urgently, please

Please have a look at this blog posting from sleeplessnight (posted just after midnight!) and send letters to your MP and anyone else who should see it..
This will point out another way in which the government is being less than candid with the public, parliament and us about why they won't return our money!

You'll find the blogg here

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Transfer Document

It appears to me that the UK Government had this planned out well ahead of the date they froze Kaupthing's assets. Clearly they'd already been negotiating with ING before Kaupthing was ever in jeopardy. What's more it was the government that brought Kaupthing into jeopardy!

It strikes me that the move on Kaupthing was pre-meditated and was designed to give the bank very little say (or rights) in what happens to it's assets as it is broken up and sold.

Clearly that is not good news for depositors - how can the bank get the best value for it's assets if the UK Government is holding it in a financial straight-jacket and won't let it relinquish it's assets as it sees fit and in an efficient manner ? Authorisation for all deals must come from the UK Treasury. That is going to introduce delays and a great deal of politics into any decision.

I feel aggreived , not only because my life savings are tied up in Kaupthing, but also because Icelandic people must hate the British now because the UK Government has brought down the Icelandic economy with it's bull in a china shop mentality. Not many UK voters would agree that the UK government has acted in our best interests.

Posted by colinalvin63 on Fri, 05/12/2008 - 13:05