London, Iceland says, made its crisis worse

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2008-10-31 (All day)

(Can't find link on IHT website - got this in our media monitoring at work).
Focus on UK taking 'extraordinary step' using anti-terror laws. Rashness of actions and devastating impact on Icelandic economy, banking system and population. One paragraph on KSF IOM:
"The bank's [Kaupthing] collapse had repercussions both inside and outside of Iceland. More than 8,000 depositors, individuals and businesses hold KSF accounts worth about $1.34 bn on the IOM, money that they cannot get their hands on - any may never. They are eligible for compensation neither from Britain nor from Iceland and they - along with the IOM govt - blame Britain for what happened to Kaupthing.

Journalist is Sarah Lyall in London. Not sure if she was briefed for this by the team but would be good to follow up if not.