House of Keys Question Time

Posted 25/11/2008 - 11:19 by Hoping and coping

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2008-11-24 16

Use the Listen Again button, probably only once the programme has finished, for AM radio. (There's discussion of the UK Pre-Budget Report first, then they move into Question 1 on the agenda - Kaupthing.) I personally found it positive and heartening. Allan Bell sounded fully committed to the cause - which involves us getting our money back and the reputation of the Isle of Man - and emphasised that they are doing everything they possibly can to this end. They are clearly looking at all possibilities for restructuring the bank; they are looking for a further adjournment so as to provide time to consider the options available for restructuring and to permit a better return of our deposits; and they are also concerned to look after and find a solution regarding the needs of small depositors (with less than £50,000) - as soon as possible. He emphasised that the situation is complicated (as we know!), and asked for patience.

My overall feeling listening to Mr Bell was that someone IS fighting for us.