Final British Betrayal

Posted 27/11/2008 - 12:28 by steveejeb

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2008-11-27 (All day)

This comment was taken from "Lost Your Savings", another site trying to highlight our cause and seeking 100% return of what is rightfully ours.

"So, recapping some of the events of the last few weeks during and since the "negotiations" with IMF & Iceland went on:

*The British government promised the IoM government that they would represent them in their attempts to recover Kaupthing IoM’s funds from the Icelandic government
*The Chancellor told the Treasury Select Committee that Britain would lend Iceland the money to repay Kaupthing IoM depositors if Iceland agreed to repay it as part of an IMF package
*The British government delayed finalisation of the IMF package until Iceland agreed that it would include a British Government loan to repay UK depositors
*This package has now been finalized and so the opportunity for leverage is over
*The package appears to include arrangements to repay depositors in every European country EXCEPT the Isle of Man
* So have we just been subject to the ultimate betrayal by the government that seized our life savings? It would seem so."