English Commercial Court gives judgement on jurisdictional issues in Tchenguiz case

Posted 02/07/2015 - 08:25 by anrigaut

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2015-06-30 23

In November 2014 Vincent Tchenguiz and related parties launched a claim in the English Commercial Court against Kaupthing, Jóhannes Rúnar Jóhannsson (a member of Kaupthing’s Winding-up Committee), Grant Thornton UK LLP and two partners of Grant Thornton UK LLP. ...

In January, Kaupthing and Mr Jóhannsson applied to have the claim dismissed or stayed on jurisdictional grounds. Today the Court has ruled that the Tchenguiz parties are prohibited from suing Kaupthing in England. The effect of this judgment is that proceedings on the substantive claims against Kaupthing cannot take place in England.

As regards Mr Jóhannsson, the Court has held that as a matter of territorial jurisdiction there is no bar to the claim as against Mr Jóhannsson continuing in the English courts. ...

Kaupthing is entirely satisfied that the allegations against Kaupthing and Mr Jóhannsson have absolutely no basis in fact or in law and should never have been made.