Developments on November 26 concerning Court hearing November 27, 2008

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2008-11-26 (All day)

It has been an eventful day. On my website ( there has been posted today:-

  1. The affidavit sworn bt the Isle of Man Treasury's restructuring expert.

  2. The skeleton argument of the Isle of Man Treasury's advocate.

  3. My Liquidation Bulletin No. 4 - based on what I knew this morning.

  4. My Liquidation Bulletin No. 5 - based on what I knew this afternoon.

I am expecting something further from the Joint Provisional Liquidators.

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow at the hearing at Court in the Island at 10 am..

The big news is that the Treasury is prepared to ask Tynwald to set up a hardship fund. This is to help those in crisis, but they want a 60 day adjournment. My recommendation is to ask for more facts, have a seven day adjournment and then decide what to do in the light of more complete information.

If you have any queries, I will do my best to answer them

Good luck.