DCS IOM are they all Idiots?

Posted 16/12/2015 - 05:32 by calpespain

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2015-12-15 14

Any suggestion gladly welcomed. I am having some trouble with the IOM DCS managers, they keep writing to me and my wife via snail mail, over land and water, saying they have sent out a cheque via registered post and it has been returned. They follow this by saying that they have also attempted to contact me via my registered email address, but cannot do so, would I please contact them. I have done this via email and they have acknowledged this and my banking details, yet still the write and say” Please accept our apologies for the distress you are experiencing in the delay in receiving your outstanding payments. Please be assured we are expediting the authorisation as quickly as possible however the timing of this is outside our control. As mentioned in my earlier email I will contact you again as soon as the payments have been delivered to our bank for processing.” Yet they are still sending me even more land mail and still no payment of the outstanding amount due since December 2014. Are they all simply idiots?