Barack Obama wants to crackdown on individuals

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2008-11-10 (All day)

The tax-dodgers Obama is referring to are not “obviously corporate” he wants to crack down primly on U.S. citizens such as Sam and Charles Wyly. Google them!

Quote from the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
“they were spending Offshore Dollars on Artwork, Furnishings, and Jewelry
During thirteen years, at least $30 million in untaxed, offshore dollars were spent to purchase furnishings, artwork, and jewelry for the apparent personal use of Wyly family members. Although the nominal owners of virtually all of these items were two (IOM) offshore corporations, the evidence indicates that the artwork, furnishings, and jewellery were actually selected, held, and used by individual Wyly family members. These purchases are further evidence that the Wylys were directing the use of trust assets, and that the (IOM ) offshore trusts were benefiting U.S. persons. From 1992 until 2005, numerous expensive works of art, rare documents and books, furniture, and jewellery were purchased with Wyly-related offshore dollars. These purchases included, for example, a $937,500 portrait of Benjamin Franklin, a $13,000 French bronze chandelier, and a $162,000 bureau cabinet, $721,000 in official documents from the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, a $622,000 ruby, and a $759,000 emerald necklace.”

The Isle of Man is an island in the Irish Sea and a Crown
Dependency of the United Kingdom. It is home to 171 offshore service providers, including banks, trust companies, and company formation agents. Together these firms managed about $57 billion in bank deposits, $12 billion in collective investment schemes, $33 billion in life insurance funds, and $11 billion
in non-life insurance funds.

Those numbers make us look small don’t they, however we have truth and justice on our side.