TSC Meeting 3/2/09

Please join this group if you're planning on going to the meeting.

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  • Nearest tube is Westminster


Posted 27/01/2009 - 15:29 by Lucky Jim

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If you are in the UK and near London try to support Diver & DAG's Strategic objective by attending the Treasury Select Committeee Meeting on 3 February.

Venue: Portcullis House, the new building on Westminster Bridge Road opposite Big Ben.

Kick off 9.45am but early arrival is essential to get a seat & for security checks.

2 or 3 members have already indicated their willingness to attend... simply NOT enough to impress the Committee or the Press.

More information --> http://www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/treasury_committee/tre...

UPDATE 28/1-- If you can attend please now join the 'TSC Meeting 3/2/09' Group set up under GROUPS found under 'Groups' in menu bar at top of this page. The 'TSC Meeting 3/2.09' Group is near the bottom of the table of all the Groups. Click on 'join' in right-hand column & add in your name. THANKS !... L J

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