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A copy of my email to anrigaut:

Dame Joan Bakewell is now in the 'Corridors of Power' - contact information

Posted 14/12/2008 - 13:05 by Lucky Jim

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The famous & influencial journalist Dame Joan Bakewell (75) has been appointed by Harriet Harman as official spokesperson for senior citizens.

Dame Joan said: "I am looking forward to being one of many voices making it widely known what it means to be old. With more and more of us expecting to live longer, there are issues that concern every individual: how will I provide for myself; how shall I afford such necessities as heating, lighting and insurance; what will my pension rights be; how much help can I expect from the state? We all - not just the over 50s - need to confront such concerns now so that we move to a reassuring future where people can look forward to enjoying their old age in peace"

She could be a tremendous supporter of our cause. She has megga contacts in the BBC & the media at large

However, I have found great difficulty in finding a means of contacting her!

I have now found one e-mail address where my letter to her has not been returned by the Postmaster.

joan [dot] bakewell(?)virgin [dot] net


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DAG has to focus its ongoing efforts & energies on action that maximises the achievement of its objectives.

I do not believe that a demonstration at this point in time is strategically viable. In theory it is sounds attractive, but in practice it is unlikely to have the public impact any of us want. This is why it is not realistic:

  1. it would take a significant amount of time & effort to organise
  2. statutory regulations require the Police to be informed of any public demonstration, with a prescribed minimum timescale required before it could be carried out
  3. to have meanigful impact it would have to be based on Whitehall or Parliament Square but these are prohibited areas for public demonstrations
  4. there would be very significant costs involved (including policing, insurance, banners, placards, flysheets, post demo clean-up operations, etc..)
  5. even if it could be coincided with Xmas it would have no impact simply because Xmas is the one time of the year when the public would have no appetite for it, especially right now as many are experiencing the impact of the recession
  6. the target is HMG but if 1,000,000 people marching in London to protest against Blair taking the Nation to war with Iraq had no effect, what impact are 2 dozen depositors going to have?

So what alternative strategy should be followed that requires, minimum effort & cost to achieve maximum results?

I suggest this strategy is already operational, eg:

  1. Diver & his Legal Team - involving 2 advocates in London & the IOM - are focussing on the key legal issues, including that of the £570million belonging to KSFIOM which is 'chained up' in KaupthingUK with HM Treasury having the key to 'the padlock' & the power to release it
  2. the medium of the BBC is being used to significant effect (everyone should post on the Radio4 blog : link:

). This plus letters to the Director of BBC Panorama could result in a Panorama programme challenging the stance of HMG. This would be huge publicity, way & above that generated by any demonstration
3. DAG members are being urged to write/e-mail URGENTLY MP's concerning the issues set out in the draft letter.
MP's have been told by Darling 'our hands are clean' but this letter will raise strong doubts about that assertion. HM's Opposition, if it is 'on the ball', will want to capitalise on our assertion that there is evidence of jiggery-pokery going on

IF KSFIOM doesn't get its assets in KaupthingUK restored to it - resulting in all depositors getting their money back - then I am of the view that all will not be lost. The Compensation Scheme will be triggered,yes... BUT if legal advice is given to DAG that there are grounds for litigation in one form or another (possibly including the EU Court of Human Rights) then though we may have lost the present battle we will not have lost the war.

We have Rights, & right is on our side, so justice WILL be done,..... but only if we have the collective will & resolve to see that it is!

NOTE: this Post is NOT in the public domain --- it is for your eyes only

It is VERY IMPORTANT that no-one posts anything in this Forum that can be viewed by non-DAG members UNLESS that is intended. There are 'spooks' monitoring what we say and propose in this Forum

New letter to MPs

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Hi All,

Press Releases

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Great work from Sleeplessnight & Teapot (should be invited to join this group?) and others..
Don't know who has been handling this but is there something I can do to help keep things moving?

Volunteer "experts" needed

Posted 08/11/2008 - 21:36 by ng

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It has been said that an ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure. Ours, however are another matter entirely.

Blogs now available

Posted 03/11/2008 - 09:30 by ng

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Anybody who feels capable of writing quality material and would like to have their own blog on here, please comment to that effect.

what's the difference between a blog and forum posting?

Depositors buying the bank

Posted 01/11/2008 - 15:09 by Podcarson

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I would like to put on course an idea that was already proposed here before by coleridge.

HELP NEEDED - Write auto-response emails.

Posted 24/10/2008 - 13:09 by ng

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I need some "auto-reply" emails...

Welcome, new members

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I am very tied up on web-site and other technical issues.

In-site view of video links

Posted 19/10/2008 - 15:31 by ng

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Planning on adding facilities for videos links to be displayed in-site (i.e on the page here). Is this a priority? (I have lots of priorities already!!!)

Techical issue: Domain name and DNS

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Stef, are you here? This is one you could do. The original domain name of is not owened by me.


Posted 19/10/2008 - 10:03 by ng

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Need someone to make summary entries for news items elsewhere so that these can all be found in one place rather than spread around the site.

Help needed on this site - jobs available, apply now!

Posted 18/10/2008 - 10:26 by ng

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Salary 000,000 - but lots of respect and kudos earned.

  • Site editors (good IT skills needed)

We have several, but between time differences and other commitments we are overloaded.

Legal issues for the web site?

Posted 16/10/2008 - 21:21 by ng

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A question has been raised about possible legal liability of this site (and it's administrators and editors) in the event of, for example, libellous postings.

How to handle tech support?

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Thanks to both that have replied so far. I have backlog of emails... is it ok to forward them? Not sure how you can work out between you how to distribute the load ideas?

Tech support

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Can anyone handle basic tech support. People having problems logging in, not sure how to post, etc.? I'm getting snowed under with incoming emails.

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