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You do not need to be in this group in order to view or receive our press releases. Press Releases are available via the Press link on the top menu. Simply "subscribe" to Press Releases if you want to receive them by email.

The idea is to automate a lot of the effort that goes into distributing press releases by email, and at the same time provide a simple way for them to be entered, viewed and searched for on the site itself.

Members of this Group:
Members here are our own PR people, plus qualified people working in the media industry. Membership has to be requested and accepted by one of the Group "admins".

Purpose of this Group:
To facilitate communication between our PR people and media contacts. Unless individual members choose to disable the feature, all posts here will be emailed to them.

Quick guide to creating Press Releases on line

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Press Releases

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Great work from Sleeplessnight & Teapot (should be invited to join this group?) and others..
Don't know who has been handling this but is there something I can do to help keep things moving?


Posted 12/11/2008 - 17:41 by sgebbett

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Should we lobby Alistair Darling to announce in his Pre-Budget Statement on Monday 24th November he is returning our money he seized!

The human cost of the banking crisis

Posted 07/11/2008 - 01:33 by sleeplessnight

The Kaupthing Singer & Freidlander IOM Depositors Action Group has found it necessary to post the contact details of the Samaritans on the home page of their website in


Blogs now available

Posted 03/11/2008 - 09:30 by ng

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Anybody who feels capable of writing quality material and would like to have their own blog on here, please comment to that effect.

what's the difference between a blog and forum posting?

Welcome to sgebbett

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sgebbett has requested membership, and of course I've granted it!

"I have been a PR Consultant for all of my career, and I was responsible for
the initial article by Alice Ross of the FT."

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