IT People

To discuss IT issues of the site.

Some current topics are:

  • Data privacy
  • Email handling
  • Server configuration and performance
  • User needs analysis

Screen capture - Blank lines in post with Google Chrome

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Site downtime, server "overload" problem, analysis and possible actions

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Copy of email, placed here for the record, in case anybody else has any ideas, and for future reference (especially if in the future the site/server management is taken over by another party.)

Unread Posts

Posted 10/01/2009 - 11:27 by Anonymous

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Is there a way to make unread posts read en masse? There are a whole load of posts listed at that are unread for.


Who's who on the web-site

Posted 09/11/2008 - 04:05 by ng

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Added the following today. This list is dynamic, so will change when users and roles change. This list is also shown in the FAQ section.

Volunteer "experts" needed

Posted 08/11/2008 - 21:36 by ng

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It has been said that an ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure. Ours, however are another matter entirely.

How do we want to structure and categorise information here?

Posted 08/11/2008 - 18:56 by ng

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As the amount of information on the site grows and grows, proper categorisation and structure is becoming increasingly important, otherwise its like 10,000 documents all mixed up in one huge box.

Behind the scenes tonight in the "IT Dept"

Posted 06/11/2008 - 22:08 by ng

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The server problems today (similar to those of a week or so ago) have us mystified..

Newsletter type emails?

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Hi apologies if this has already been suggested or created (i couldn't find it) but how possible would it be to create say a daily newsletter that people could select to receive?

Ongoing server issues, machine switch tonight 23:00 (it never rains but it pours)

Posted 29/10/2008 - 13:30 by ng

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Tonight our VPS will be moved from one physical machine to another, staying with This is an attempt to resolve the server's "AWOL" periods we have been experiencing.

HELP NEEDED - Write auto-response emails.

Posted 24/10/2008 - 13:09 by ng

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I need some "auto-reply" emails...

Reactions so far to the "In the News" feature?

Posted 21/10/2008 - 14:25 by ng

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Seems to be working well, any thoughts?

  • Too simple / too complex?
  • More categories / fewer categories?
  • Need other options?
  • Search facilities needed?

The project

Posted 21/10/2008 - 14:21 by ng

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From an IT perspective, what a crazy project! Necessarily so of course. From zero to flat-out in a matter of days. No specification, no planning, no testing, and very few resources.

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