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Manx Herald on costs

Posted 27/06/2009 - 07:48 by Anonymous

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I guess that someone else must have referred in the forum to the following Manx Herald piece on DAG's costs issues, but just in case here is the link again:

IoM - hopefully of interest

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At teh suggestion of Andy (ng), I am directing your attention to this thread, which contains something that may be of interest for Isle of Man based depositors <50k:


Posted 09/11/2008 - 22:45 by huf man

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Soon the whole isle of man banking industry will collapse,with it comes mass unemployment ,etc,unless tynwald nationalises the bank before the liquidation

KSF Letter 5/11/08 re In Flight Transfer

Posted 06/11/2008 - 11:02 by DikH

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Letter received today............and for their information, I am one of the Depositors supporting the Hopper legal action.


our life savings

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my wife and I (aged 62 and 66 ) incorporated a company in the BVI in February 2004. The main idea was to assure continuity for our dependents. Hence the main reason for not opening the account in nameof Vision Glory Development Ltd.
As it stands under the 3 circulars of the Provisional Liquidator Mr Mike Simpson, our position is very vague. On one hand we do not qualify under the Guarantee scheme for individual depositors, on the other hand with the non compliance of the Parent Guarantee we are not guaranteed either.
ING has bought the Kaupthing Edge in the UK. Are we not being discriminated against please as customers within the context of the Global financial crisis. UK government is picking and choosing depositors. We seem to be relegated as 2nd grade customers of the KPS IOM
Grateful for your help and guidance.
Regards and best of luck in your collective movement for ALL depositors of the KPS in IOM.
Yatemani Gujadhur
Vision Glory Development Ltd
Customers of KPS IOM Ltd

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