* Depositors buy-out

"Buy the bank?"

This Group will further discuss an idea put forward by podcarson and discussed in his blog. The concept can be loosely described as "buy the bank".

I personally feel that this idea warrants further consideration and investigation. (ng)

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Posted 13/12/2008 - 21:34 by Grahame Leon-Smith

Sat, 13/12/2008
Link: Depositors-2230

KSF (UK) Depositors meeting 11am today - London - 1 December 2008

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Morning >500k's

Skates on to develop idea of a co-op bank !

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If this is to be a viable option:

  • a poll will be needed to ascertain whether depositors would support it in principle
  • if they are then Diver will need to have it taken on board for his legal briefing

Time is running out so a poll would need to be done quickly if a brief is to be available for the Court Hearing on 27/11.

It's a lot of work to do a brief that is viable so perhaps Diver should be asked first if he would go along with it if a poll showed that there was significant support for the idea. There's no point in raising expectations in the Forum if Diver does not go along with the idea.

Is podcarson willing to do all this pronto ? He will need to contact Diver through ng.

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