Will this group be necessary? -YES

Considering what the LP, Michael Simpson has written about in flight funds / transactions all being credited back to the transferring accounts, I'm not sure whether we will need this group or not.
Any comments anyone? have I missed something?

1. I have just thought about this again and looked at a posting made on Friday 14th Nov by legal begal. see http://www.ksfiomdepositors.org/forum-topic/flight-transfers-isle-man-co...
2. I have accepted LP Michael Simpson's statement about his legal authority regarding the in flight funds without question - silly me. This is what we need to be challenging here. He states in his letter to me dated 5th Nov:
"We have sought legal advice in respect of how such transactions should now be treated, including obtaining opinion from leading Counsel in the UK. This advice has confirmed that ............ I am unfortunately unable to complete these transactions."
Well, I think we also should seek legal advice on this and see if we can come up with a challenge to this. Note that there is no reference to any statute, rule of law or anything but "obtaining opinion from leading Counsel".

Not good enough to accept without proper investigation say I.

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