some progress <50k position

I had a telephone conversation yesterday with the solicitor who represents the IoM Treasury in the winding up petition, speaking only on my own behalf.

He assures me that the commitment appearing by affidavit that sub-50k depositors will do no worse under a SoA will be strictly adhered to (and not lost in the midsts of time, as I suggested to him that it might be). Further, when I said that it seemed to me that the sub-50k group need to do better under an SoA (rather than no worse), in order to be persuaded, he stated that that was exactly his point and something that he and Alix & Ptnrs. (the consultants employed by Treasury) were about to address (that day).

I have since been informed by another (reliable) source that further details of the SoA will emerge on Monday next week. They will apparently include details of exactly how sub-50k depositors would benefit from the SoA, probably by receiving a large payment after a relatively short period of time.

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