Royal Scandia Bond Reply

I have replied to RS request, telling them why the SOA should be rejected. I encourage everyone who has a bond to do the same. The Insurance company's should not be allowed to cast votes for people who want to reject the SOA s it stands. My email is attached below fYI.

Good afternoon

I refer to your letter dated 22/4/09 from Mark Halewood General Manager, re KSF IOM.

My name is Madmax836

I would like to reject the SOA as proposed by the IOM government, due to the fact

  1. Why after the depositors receive 70% of their money, does the IOM gov then take their money back in full and only then, they would distribute the remainder to the depositors (if there is any left)
  2. After the news from E&Y receivers in Britain for KSF, that they expect at least 50% of the monies to be returned to the IOM. The IOM gov then up their SOA from 60% to 70%
  3. I feel that the IOM gov as with every other gov in Europe ensure that ALL depositors are guaranteed their 100% back. Then and only then, they can take any monies that they have put out back. We as innocent depositors should not suffer. If they do not , I feel that the bad press will affect their financial institution forever.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Regards


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