See the request by the Daily Mail financial editor as to who set up the site. I gave a generic reply - if anyone wants to email him to take credit feel free.

I know we do not have an official privacy policy yet, but I'd like to say that one thing should be certain:

  1. The personal details of any registered user (including admins) such as real name, phone number, email address and any other data - will not be given out to any party including other users, and including by/to admins. Any request to an admin to obtain such information will be ignored or refused.

  2. Any attempt by one user to identify anyone else publicly on the forum, or post contact details of anyone else, who has not already identified themselves voluntarily... will be moderated/deleted.

I'm not sure I would publish this as a privacy policy, because it might put legal obligations onto us for the efficiency of our moderating, but I'd like all admins to agree privately on this, including NG.

Does everyone agree? Any other points? I for one want to remain anonymous.

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