A Poll to determine support for re-structured or newly-owned bank

Should we have a poll to determine how many of us would be prepared to stay with a re-structured or newly-owned bank coming out of KSFIOM? (Please see my blog: Declaring Support for IOM re-structuring...)

My feeling is that of the three separate bodies in this, IOM, Iceland and HMG, IOM is likely to be the most supportive of us on the basis that it, like us, has a lot to lose if the bank liquidates. If a poll shows a good response from a sizeable proportion of us, then it may be an idea to write a formal statement to this effect to send to the LP, IOM Government and HMG. The latter may be prepared to support this through hastening the return of some, ideally all, of the assets.

What are people's thoughts on this from among this group?

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10 years is too by Captain Mainwaring
Agree by wood
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