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Clearly a thousand or more of us all talking directly with our Legal Representation would result in chaos. So, here's how it will work:


There are now Groups here on the site for all sectors that we think will be relevant, e.g. those who have less than 50k deposited, non-UK citizens, etc. Clearly there may be overlap, so you can of course join more than one of these Groups. Click here to list them. There are currently seven - possibly one or two are superfluous and/or perhaps we need one or two more, but we need to keep the number to a sensible limit.

Group discussion

Group members then need to discuss and make decisions on issues that are important to them so that this input can then be forwarded to our Legal Representation. The use of polls will be possible - creation of polls will be limited to the Manager of the group.

Group Manager

Firstly, the word Manager does not imply that person is somehow more "important" than the rest of the group (unless the Group itself decides otherwise) - the role is basically one of an administrator and a go-between. However he/she will have specific responsibilities. Each Group must have a manager, so the first task for Group discussion is to choose one. Those who would like to take on the task probably need to nominate themselves to the rest of the Group.

The Manager is the only member of the group who will be able to raise issues directly with the Legal Representation team, and of course feedback from that team will need to be relayed on to the Group via its Manager.

The Manager is also privileged in being able to mass-email all members of the Group directly from the web-site, in a similar way to with the existing personal Contact forms.

The Manager will be able to create polls and is able to edit the front page for the Group. That's the information you first see when you go to the Group area.

Finally, the Manager can, if required by the Group, limit membership of the Group or even "eject" a member.

What you need to do now

If you have not already done so, please join whichever Action Group(s) is/are relevant to you. Then choose a Manager, then start your discussions. Choice of Manager needs to be given to me. Note, Group discussions do not need to be limited to the Legal Representation issue, but that might be a good initial topic.

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