KSF (UK) Depositors meeting 11am today - London - 1 December 2008

Morning >500k's

Does anyone know where this meeting is to be held? Can we attend? Unfortunately I am out of the country, but it would be very useful to get feedback from the KSF UK meeting. This is where we stand to lose the most money.

I would like to know whether KSF(IOM) could get a distribution "In-Specie" of KSF(UK) property loans of 550m instead of the cash proceeds from a fire-sale liquidation into a very weak market. This would allow KSF(IOM) depositors to run down the book efficiently - and prospectively receive more over time than a fire-sale situation.

Representation at this meeting is important. If anyone is on top of this, or is able to attend, please reply, and mail me.

knd rgrds LSG

ref: http://chat.ksfiomdepositors.org/forum-topic/ernst-young-statement-ksf-u...

Posted: Mon, 01/12/2008 - 08:23 i know it's at 11.00, i tried to find out where and according to newspaper reports ( can't remember which ones) it is either at the 'cafe royal' or the 'piccadilly venue' Are these the same place? ......mind you, you can't always rely on the press to be accurate!

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