KSF UK Depositors meeting 11am - 1 Dec - 68 Regent St.

Hi Londoners Group: the E&Y KSF creditors meeting is at the cafe royal, 68 regent st. in the napoleon suite, it starts at 11.00 1 December 2008 and they have the room booked 'til 3.00pm!! Is this meeting going to be attended? Unfortunately I am out of the country, but it would be very useful to get feedback from the KSF UK meeting. This is where we stand to lose the most money.

I would like to know whether KSF(IOM) could get a distribution "In-Specie" of KSF(UK) property loans of 550m instead of the cash proceeds from a fire-sale liquidation into a very weak market. This would allow KSF(IOM) depositors to run down the book efficiently - and prospectively receive more over time than a fire-sale situation.

Representation at this meeting is important. If anyone is on top of this, or is able to attend, please reply, and mail me.

knd rgrds LSG

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Meeting by lorraine