IOM - the offer of help is there

Last night I sent E/Mails to the members of the TSC highlighting what I perceive as the unwillingness of the Ministry of Justice to take on board the TSC's recommendation and step in to help us. After all, having read the endless posts on SoA vs Liquidation I am resigned to the fact that both are extremely unpalatable and so I continue to seek and alternative way out.

I was very impressed to receive a response this morning from Mark Todd : -

"Dear XXX

There is a large difficulty here. The Isle of Man is clearly sovereign in this matter (as the report indicates). It must be for their government to seek assistance. If they could be persuaded to make an approach to the UK I am sure that I, and other MPs, could assist in pressing for assistance to be given. However it seems (so far) that they do not wish to ask.


Now I know there may be nothing in here that we don't already know/suspect but how frustrating to have it stated so clearly that there are people in influencial positions just waiting to offer their help. I can't help but think there is something else going on here. Somebody else has already posted on this site that the IOMG already has the money to bail us out but is unwilling to use it. Some of the venom I felt at the UK is evaporating now. Whatever the catalyst that started this, it seems that the UK is more willing to do its bit although it is stopping short of taking the next step and imposing itself on the IOM.

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