Information for a poll within Pensioners Group

I have been thinking long and hard about this subject, and wether or not gathering information for a poll is worthwhile. Unfortunately I dont think it can be done using the poll system on the site as it only allows one vote per username, and for some of you, you are representing your parents, so that creates a problem straight away.

The reason for the poll is:
a. to establish just how many account holders are actually in the group, there are 71 members as at 10/01/08, but that could represent 142 account holders. This could be a significant %age of the DAG depositors, and therefore should/could carry more weight in discussions within and without the DAG.

b. to establish the ages of depositors within the Pensioners Group, so that perhaps if push came to shove there is a pecking order based on age.

c. to establish the monetary value of the Pensioners Group, again to find out the %age within the DAG depositor whole Group.

My reasons for thinking along these lines are that there are presently only 835 members of the site who have declared that they are depositors, so 142, is 17% of the whole Group are pensioners. I cant calculate the monetary %age as I dont as yet have the information. As regards the age information, my thoughts were that obviously we all want our capital back asap, but it wont happen in a week or a month, some need money to pay bills etc, but for example if someone is in their 90's, and someone else is in their 60's perhaps there might be a way of weighting repayments in favour of the 90+.

These are just my initial thoughts and your comments would be appreciated wether we go ahead with this or not and perhaps how. As regards collecting the data I would be happy to accept it directly be email rather than 'exposing it' via the site, although only members who hav joined this Group can read this Groups comments etc

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