Hello to all,
To start the ball rolling, I hope you have received my email today, if you haven't then just to let you know I have volunteered/been volunteered to act as 'manager' for this group.

I am not (yet) a pensioner, I am however retired or thought I was until this sorry debacle descended upon us.

If you need to contact me either do it through this 'Group' or you can also email by clicking on my username (this may be easier for some).

I understand that some of you users are actually registered for your parents etc and understandably are looking after their interests especially as they are possibly not au fait with the technology of today. I am not an expert with computers and forums, but I know a man who is. In fact I am starting to have pains in my right arm from 'mouse over use'

I will endeavour to keep you up to date with any significant events as and when they occur.

Some important points:

Please be aware of keeping your personal details - personal, there are sadly people who trawl sites like these trying to scam information that they can use.

Make sure that you have voted in the relevant polls - if you open up a poll, at the bottom there is a 'button'. If this 'button' says 'vote' then you have not voted in this poll. If it says 'cancel vote', then you have already voted in this poll. For ease of acess these can be found on my blog New Member

Only members of this Group (Pensioners) plus member ng (IT co-ordinator) have access to information within this Group. So if you want to create/comment/reply etc ensure that under 'Groups' (found below where you enter the text) is opened and you tick the box marked 'Pensioners'. If you wish your comments etc to be seen everyone then tick ' (all members).

I'm still trying to come to terms with all these phrases too

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